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  1. Here is the page I am working on... Click here>.
  2. Here is the page I am working on... click here >. The Mailchimp program is not close to what I need.
  3. Does this type code go on the thank you page?
  4. Where does the image go? My form code doesn't look anything like their example.
  5. Example #4 doesn't make sense. Here is the code from both pages. The e-card page: <div class="ecard_form" style="left: 500px; top: 350px"> <form method="post" action="ecard_thankyou.php" id="ecard_form"> <span class="text_smOlive">To:<br /> </span> <input name="toName" style="width: 250px" type="text" class="text_smOlive" class="required" /> <span class="text_smOlive"><br /> <br /> Recipients Email:<br /> </span> <input name="toEmail" style="width: 250px" type="text" class="text_smOlive" class="required email" /> <span class="text_smOlive"><br /> <br /> From:<br /> </span> <input name="fromName" style="width: 250px" type="text" class="text_smOlive" class="required" /> <span class="text_smOlive"><br /> <br /> Sender's Email<br /> </span> <input name="fromEmail" style="width: 250px" type="text" class="text_smOlive" class="required email" /> <span class="text_smOlive"><br /> <br /> Occasion: <br /> <select name="occation" style="width: 255px" class="required"> <option></option> <option>Happy Birthday</option> <option>Happy Anniversary</option> <option>Just Missing You</option> <option>Happy Mother's Day</option> <option>Happy Father's Day</option> <option>Congratulations</option> </select><br /> <br /> Your Message:<br /> </span> <textarea name="message" rows="2" style="width: 250px" class="text_smOlive"></textarea><span class="text_smOlive"><br /> </span> <br /> <br /> <input name="Submit" style="width: 100px; height: 20px" type="submit" value="Send Email" class="text_smOlive" /><br /> <br /> </form> </div> The thank you page: <?php //php form data to email code// $toName = $_REQUEST['toName']; $toEmail = $_REQUEST['toEmail']; $fromName = $_REQUEST['fromName']; $fromEmail = $_REQUEST['fromEmail']; $occation = $_REQUEST['occation']; $message = $_REQUEST['message']; $headers = "From: $fromEmail"; $email_message = "To: {$toName}\n\rEmail: {$toEmail}\n\rFrom: {$fromName}\n\rSenders Email: {$fromEmail}\n\rOccation: {$occation}\n\rMessage: {$message}"; mail('$toEmail,$occation,$email_message,$headers); ?>
  6. The code for emailing the message is working just fine. I need to find a way to include the image or graphic a long with the message. I have tried finding the code for it but, without any luck. Any other suggestions?
  7. I'm just not good with coding. I know a little php. I used the video tutorials on php to design a contact form to email for myself and my clients. Works great but, that's about it. I just started learning css to use on the websites I design... don't laugh, I'm slow but, willing to learn as much as I can.
  8. Thanks for the articles. Not really what I'm looking for. Your idea at the top of your response is more inline with what I want to accomplish. What about using a CMS?
  9. I Googled this last night for about 2 hrs and looked at different samples. Most of the ecards I saw had the card separate from the text. The text was included in the email at the bottom of the ecard. To me this is just fine. I'm still not sure how to do that.
  10. I have a client who I designed a website for. They have ecards that they designed and now want to sell them on their site. They want the visitor to be able to type a few line on an area of the ecard and then email it to the recipient. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  11. Most of my clients don't have a lot of money or choose not to want to spend it. I charge them $25.00 per month for hosting and maintenance. I have no problem spending money as long as I can get a return but, most of them are going to have admin privileges and still want me to help them upload and fix what they mess up. Just a matter of time. I have already prepared for that. Also, with PageLime they have an option where I can self host, brand everything with my logo and colors and upload it to my server, with unlimited websites. They are going to email me the price. That would be more the direction I would like to go.
  12. I looked at Unify but it cost about $25.00 for one license / one website. Each time I want to do this with a client I have to buy another license. Not cost effective for myself or my clients.
  13. I would prefer to as you are doing and have complete control but, I am not sure how to go about it. I am more of a web & graphic designer. I would welcome any suggestions. Thanks
  14. Thanks for your suggestions. I looked at the sites you provided. I really liked CushyCMS but couldn't get it to read my ftp server info for some reason. I googled to find other options and found PageLime CMS. It is very easy for my client to understand and use. Thanks again
  15. I have been building websites for clients and then maintaining their sites monthly for a fee. I now have one client who wants admin privileges to make changes to text, calendar and a few photos. I have never done this so can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  16. I finally had time to review those video tutorials you suggested... excellent. Just what I needed. Worked great and now I have the validation I wanted for my contact form. I must say... all of your videos are really user friendly, easy to understand and follow along with for those of us that are not experts. Well worth the monthly cost of being involved in the university. Thank again.
  17. Still getting blank page. The script is on the thank you page and not really associated with the contact us page. To me, if a field is not filled in, once you hit submit it has no idea that you haven't filled in all the required fields. I would think, what little knowledge I have about script, that the required info needs to be on the page that is getting filled out.
  18. Ok, but I'm not sure how to do that. I haven't done a lot of php... more of a web & graphic designer, not so much writing script. I am trying to learn every chance I get.
  19. Ok. I copied and pasted your suggestion in the correct place, it's where I thought it should actually go, but it did not work. When I leave the first name area blank on the contact us page and then click "Submit", it brings up a blank page. Here is the updated code: <?php //php form data to email code// if (!isset($_REQUEST['first_name'] && $_REQUEST['last_name'] && $_REQUEST['email'] && $_REQUEST['phone'] && $_REQUEST['radio'] && $_REQUEST['message'])) { $errormessage = 'Please fill in the required fields'; } else { $first_name = $_REQUEST['first_name']; $last_name = $_REQUEST['last_name']; $email = $_REQUEST['email']; $phone = $_REQUEST['phone']; $radio = $_REQUEST['radio']; $message = $_REQUEST['message']; $headers = "From: $email"; $email_message = "First Name: {$first_name}\n\rLast Name: {$last_name}\n\rEmail: {$email}\n\rPhone: {$phone}\n\rInterested In: {$radio}\n\rMessage: {$message}"; mail('dgow@simplewebs13.com',$radio,$email_message,$headers); ?>
  20. Thank you for your suggestion. I can try this but, where do I put it... on the contact us page or the thank you page? And where on the page?
  21. On my contact us page I have a form that, when submitted, sends visitor to thank you page. I am not great at php so, how do I make all or some of the fields in the contact form required? script from both pages is below... From contact us page: <div class="contact_form" style="left: 578px; top: 318px"> <form method="post" action="thankyou.php"> <input name="first_name" style="width: 200px" type="text" /><br /> <br /> <input name="last_name" style="width: 200px" type="text" /><br /> <br /> <input name="email" style="width: 200px" type="text" /><br /> <br /> <input name="phone" style="width: 200px" type="text" /><br /> <br /> <input name="radio" value="Website Design and Development"type="radio" /><span class="style3"><strong> Website Design and Development<br /> <input name="radio" value="Graphic and Logo Designs" type="radio" /> Graphic and Logo Designs<br /> <input name="radio" value="Animation" type="radio" /> Animation<br /> <input name="radio" value="Web Hosting" type="radio" /> Web Hosting<br /> <input name="radio" value="Domain Name Registration" type="radio" /> Domain Name Registration<br /> <input name="radio" value="Search Engine Optimization" type="radio" /> Search Engine Optimization<br /> <input name="radio" value="Business Card Print Media Designs" type="radio" /> Business Card Print Media Designs<br /> <input name="radio" value="General Questions" type="radio" /> General Questions<br /> <br /> </strong></span> <textarea name="message" style="width: 300px; height: 40px"></textarea><br /> <br /> <input name="Submit" style="width: 100px" type="submit" value="Submit" /> <input name="Reset" style="width: 100px" type="reset" value="Reset" /> </form> </div> From thank you page: <?php //php form data to email code// $first_name = $_REQUEST['first_name']; $last_name = $_REQUEST['last_name']; $email = $_REQUEST['email']; $phone = $_REQUEST['phone']; $radio = $_REQUEST['radio']; $message = $_REQUEST['message']; $headers = "From: $email"; $email_message = "First Name: {$first_name}\n\rLast Name: {$last_name}\n\rEmail: {$email}\n\rPhone: {$phone}\n\rInterested In: {$radio}\n\rMessage: {$message}"; mail('dgow@simplewebs13.com',$radio,$email_message,$headers); ?>
  22. Great article. How did you design the client backend for your website? I have thought about this recently. I usually just email them the contract and have them email it back to me with their authorization to do the work in the email itself. This way I have a copy of the email stating that they agreed to proceed with the project. I always get 50% upfront and the balance when the project is complete. I have only had 1 client who didn't pay... I removed their website and within 24 hrs i got a check delivered to my house.
  23. I appreciate your help. I rely on this forum to find answers to a lot of questions I have... especially php since I am learning it.
  24. Finally... I actually reached someone at GoDaddy that understood exactly what I was talking about. He didn't give me a pre-scripted answer. He said my php code was great. He looked at both accounts, my hosting and my clients hosting, they have their own acct and I just take care of it, and we found the problem. I am on Linux, they are on windows. So we changed them to Linux and upgraded a few things and now it should work by tomorrow. Thanks for suggesting that I call them.
  25. I called GoDaddy and they said it was my script on the contact us page. He said I was missing a section of code at the top. I will include what he sent me but, this is nothing even close to what I learned on the videos with Stefan. First Name: Last Name: E-Mail: Comments: Type comments here.
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