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  1. Andrea, as ever that's much appreciated, I will do, many thanks.
  2. Hello all I would be very grateful if someone could please advise me why my menu items are comfortably sitting where they should in Explorer and yet in Chrome and FF (XP & Windows 7) the menu options float off leaving the background bar where it should be? I can't figure out why it is doing that. Any ideas at all? The page is under development here http:// pcresolverdev.com /capital-markets-events/
  3. Many thanks Benjamin for all your help
  4. Thanks Benjamin, I guess easy when you know how. Is there somewhere you could point me to learn how to write / add the code for this plug-in rather than buying JQuery for Dummies or something? Thanks
  5. Hi all, Perhaps the thread title refers to the same thing (or at least it seems that way to me)but I'd like to add a scrolling image bar to my website to include a few photos and a link to a video I hope to upload to Vimeo and embed. How can I do this i.e. the scrolling box element? I went to Adobe Exchange and there seemed to be a bunch of XML designed files I could purchase and install but it was above my knowledge level. I have also been looking at this site and perhaps I'll be able to stumble through the instructions. is there a better (easier / newbie) way? Thanks in advance, Ben P.S. there seems to be many types out there. here's one I think works OK for instance..
  6. Thanks BeeDev, I do indeed. various positioning errors along in this process meant I had to scrap many pages and start again as I wasn't sure what the cause of the error was..Heaven knows what I would have been like without DW and a couple of Dummies Guides (and some nudges from this forum). I just didn't have the liberty this time due to my timeframes to do more than feel the way along. I have bookmarked that page and after April 23rd (what my page is for) it will be top of the list. Thanks again for the tips.
  7. My goodness, baby steps seems the order of the day. One headache resolved, another waiting in the wings. I have tried to confine my tables here but the text in them is running away and any images I add in the sidebar push the table down. Please can someone tell me why this is happening.. www...... EDIT:Actually 'needs must' and all I've just restarted copying and pasting into a new table as if I change the details in the propInspector or try dragging the borders nothing happens. Not even if I create a new class and try and apply it. Stumped so going back to brass tacks. Thanks anyway!
  8. Is this a one time period of a few days? If so' date=' yes, wait and upload them separately. [/quote'] Sadly I can't Eric.
  9. Erm, thanks as ever Andrea. From what I ascertained from those clips (thanks Stefan too) I can create a sidebar page with all my images as a separate file and then just put the php include text into the main pages and it will theoretically pick it up. So if I have a range of pages already created 1.htm, 2.htm etc do I just rename them 1.php? And if it's not asking too much how do you deal with making sure of the positioning by your correct code placement and naming so that the images land in the correct spot?
  10. Thanks Krillz but that is way above my experience level at the moment. Hopefully by next year when I repeat this I should be on track but this year with the hourglass almost empty I don't believe I can get up to speed on that. I had hoped Library items or something similar might help but my readings eemed to suggest this wasn't suitable for images. Edit: Google Ad Manager looks like it might do the job (although browsers with ad sensitive tools like Firefox might hide them) but once again the sun is low in the sky for me on this. No quick dirty fixes at all?
  11. Hi again all, I wonder if someone might point me in the right direction? On my site I need to add different images to the side bar and the footer over a period of days (rather than waiting for all to be in and doing at once). I have five or six pages on the site and they all need to have the same template format of header, sidebar, footer all looking the same. I use Dreamweaver CS4. Do I need to update each page individually with each image as I get it and then reupload the whole site each time?? Or if I remove them do the same? Thanks in advance for any steer you can give me. B
  12. Hi again, So, I created a form on a registration page. It all looked good but then I decided to go back and delete a couple of items and replace them with Spry validation text boxes (emails etc) except that this has now thrown a few errors into the page that I am unsure of how to remove as until now I have been quite settled in design view.. In the delegate one profile I can't seem, to get the email box to be anything but a bloated field instead of uniformly like the rest as I had wanted and the cursor would stubbornly sit in the next text box (a telephone one which I have temporarily deleted). I have an error message that states I have a syntax error on line 224?? I wonder if I could ask you good people if its obvious where I have tripped up? Otherwise I guess I'll create the whole page afresh tomorrow morning. Thanks for looking. My first website and a few headaches / steep curves along the way. Ben. http://ww w.capital marketsevent s.com/Regi stration.htm [remove spaces]
  13. For situations like this (and many others)' date=' the Firefox 'Measure-It' add-on is a great tool. Got it Andrea, thanks for the tip.
  14. Hi Andrea and Stefan and thank you for responding. I had created the buttons in 72 px an inch but just far too large it seems. So I've followed Andrea's suggestion and created them at the pixel size they should be for the page (well I had to do it a few times to figure right size!). Thanks again.
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