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  1. Finally I found the problem; layer2 was set on not visible! How easy to overlook. Stupid stupid. Thank you Andrea for the link. I downloaded a tutorial, but this is good basic code knowledge. Thanks
  2. Also found where where the tr and td refer to: the tables and colums. I'm answering my own questions... But they look like tables inside the table. Anybody an answer to that maybe? Thanks
  3. Found it. It refers to the rollover image. Thought I was close. Not. Thanks
  4. Hello, Third question. When I click on my Layer1 image I see:
  5. Hello, Second question. My first layer with table and buttons/images appears in the browser, my second layer with table and images doesn't. By trying to comprehend the code by looking at both layers, they should be more or less alike, accept for images names and size. Is that correct? When I click on an image in Layer1 it shows below . Where do these refer to? Thank you
  6. hello everybody Best wishes. A fresh start in the new year to get to the bottom of the problem. My Target browser check shows three different sentences: IMG tag is missing required attribute alt, the scope attribute is not supported, but it has no detrimental effect and the onMouseOut attribute of the A tag is not supported. It doesn't make any sense to me, but could it be part of my problem? Could anybody explain what this means? Thanks Harry
  7. hello Benjamin, So if I understand correctly I shouldn't use subfolders? Only the images folder for all my images?
  8. I moved all files to the root folder and emptied the www folder. Now in the root folder i have the: images, etc, logs, mail,templates, webstats and the empty www [can't remove this one] folders. Next to all html's including the index. It looks like it got worse. The preview shows nothing anymore. Apparently the browser can't find my index anymore...
  9. OK, I will try to move the folder and html's to the root folder. my website is www.harrykoopman.nl.
  10. hello, sorry, I meant the image name in the properties bar on the left. I named my file images, but here it seems I have to do it again. In code it will say 'image1, 2 or 3', so it doesn't seem crucial. The html-files are all in the www-folder, next to the images folder. Could I copy paste the code of the hkartwork html-file in this topic? That's where all the problems are. Maybe somebody can have a look at it. Or would I take up to much space and time? thank you, Harry
  11. What happens if you haven't named your images. Does it affect anything?
  12. Hello, still trying ,but no luck. What would an ideal link or path look like in my case. To me it just mentions the name of the subfolders. Or is that too long? Now I've got the main folder[harrykoopman] on my desktop. in there the www-folder and in there the afbeeldingen [images] -folder. I twirled all the images, so It should be ok in my opinion. Still no luck. In my site definition menu I set my default image folder to the above folder. Should be ok? I wish websites could be made out of wood... Thanks
  13. Sorry I meant the input panel, What is the difference between the source box and the link box? Or are they two different things?
  14. no luck, I have got in the input box two boxes; the src box with the path to the image. Under this there the link box, but this one shows nothing, even if I twirl to the image in the folder. Do I need both boxes filled in or will one do?
  15. Ha, thank you both for the quick replies. I put all my subfolders in the images folders, right next to the html's. See if that works... Harry
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