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  1. Thanks for the quick response. Sorry for my ignorance. I changed the hidden file extention setting as you suggested, but after reading your post it became clear that my computer automatically sticks the html extension on the end of my file if I try to save the web page from either VWD 08 or from notepad. In notepad the default file type is .txt and the default Encoding is ANSI. If I change the Encoding to Unicode and leave the file type as .txt, it automatically puts a .txt extension after the .php instead of a .html. If I change the file extension to AllFiles instead of .txt and then change the encoding to Unicode, it will save the file with a .php extension, but the system will not recognize which program created it. The icon becomes that generic image and apache still opens a blank page within which the source view still shows all the correct code as text. Actually, there was a c:\wamp.index.php file by default when I installed wamp, and that file is not recognized by my computer either. It has the same generic icon that I described above. I think I'm dumb, but it appears that I don't know how to save a .php file, or else to configure my system to recognize one, or something... Go ahead an laugh, but what am I not doing? Thanks again, Jeff...
  2. I just stumbled onto your videos today and am crankin away on them. I installed WAMP and moved on to the "Hello World" video. I got the wamp.www.phpTest file (my file that corrosponds to your php_work file) to show up in my WAMP "Your Projects", but when I click the project file it takes me to the "Index of /phpTest" that lists the page as index.php.htm . When I view the index.php.htm page in explorer, it only shows blank white. If I go to view source, all the code is in place on the page, but the "Hello World" text doesn't show in the browser window. I created a blank web page in Visual Web Developer 2008 and just saved it into the WAMP.WWW file from there. All the code is exactly as you had it in your video. Do you have insight? If so will you share? Thanks, Jeff...
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