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  1. Hello everyone, I am trying to locate what version of IE I am using. I did not see it listed under IE properties. How can I find out the version on my desktop machine? Thank you. JerryK
  2. Hello. I can test and connect to my remote server within Dreamweaver. I can see all the remote files in the file panel. When I click the file management icon, (up and down arrows), all the selections I need to get or put a file are grayed out...so of course I cannot make a selection. Does anyone know why that my be happening?? JerryK
  3. Hello, I have IE and have used DogPile to test a few web pages...but, what browsers are best for testing a new web site? I can download the browsers I need correct? What do you suggest? JerryK
  4. Hello, I am not sure how to set up a host for a client web site. I need to register the domain name, then select a host. It seems difficult to set up a client for a host without all their detailed information. Is there a way to set all this up yourself without the client and have them send you money each month for the host services?? I am sure I have everyone confused at this point. How do you all go through the process of setting up a client?? JerryK
  5. Hi, I wish to put numerous small images of framing materials for a frame shop on a web page. When you hover over one of them I want a larger detailed image to appear. Can someone tell me where to find the code required to do such a task, or where to find a tutorial? JerryK
  6. Thank you, When I click on them I get a message about missing header information. So something is not set up right I guess. Jerry
  7. Hello, I am using a template that contains 'XHTML 1. 0 Strict' and 'CSS Valid' links at the bottom of the Main page. I assume these must link to an engine that checks the web page(s) for standards. What is it exactly, should I use it, and should I keep the links on the web page?? This is my first web page for a client and I am sure they will ask what it is. Jerry
  8. Hello, I am attempting to finish a 2 page web site for a client. I dont have much experience but have various questions, and need a short term tutor who can also look at my files, etc. and give me suggestions. I would send my files so you can see what I have done. I dont want to post my files unless necessary. JerryK
  9. I want to simply print a web page for a client. I dont remember the best way to do this. I can view it with my browser, but not sure how to capture and print it? Can someone help me out? Thanks. JerryK
  10. Hello, I am working on a few simple pages for a clients new web site. There is no domain set up at this time...but I want the client to be able to view the pages, etc. What is a good way to allow the client to see the design? Is there a MS tool that allows them to view the pages off line?...and be able to click and view all the linked pages? JerryK
  11. I have a header id in my CSS page, see below: #header { width:730px; height:190px; background:url(oenmw/oenmw.jpg) 50% no-repeat #99c; color:#222; margin:auto; font-weight:bold; text-transform:lowercase;} I do not understand (1)what the 50% no repeat means, (2)what color: #222 is for thanks, JerryK
  12. Hello, I am working with tag links on my web pages. When I am on a page and using Live View, should I be able to switch to different web pages when I click on a link?...or do I have to be running the pages on an actual server?? Also, what is the purpose of Live Code?? Thank you, JerryK
  13. I am working with one of the free download web pages that uses CSS and divs from WebShapes.org. There are few things I dont really understand and would like to talk to someone via phone or email? Could someone help me out? JerryK
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