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  1. Yeah, it wasn't updated. It is latest version now. From previous thread: Another small issue I see is button length of login form in IE6. It is fixed to 40px, and as u can figure out that button looks fine in other browser but not in IE6, it cuts the text.
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    U can refer my thread also... Even I am facing the compatibility issues and I guess looking at my thread might give u more insight http://www.killersites.com/forums/topic/2124/browser-compatibility/
  3. Well that was out of the way help and I got to know more. Thanks a lot... As the topic has been touched, so many more questions comes in mind (Thats always a learning curve for me.. ) I got your ie6 and ie7 styles. What i did was i wrote entire code and changed what I wanted in IE6 and IE7 to happen. But looking at ur code tells me that everything is need not to be repeated except just the difference in code. right? Another small issue I see is button length of login form in IE6. It is fixed to 40px, and as u can figure out that button looks fine in other browser but not in IE6, it cu
  4. Oh Cool ! That gives me an insight... Thanks a lot. Its helpful. Bytheway I did not find ie6.css and ie7.css file at the link given by you... because if you test it on IE 6 and IE 7, the login form goes down... Well I'll try from my side also. BTW a silly question here - what is this!important and why you added it here?
  5. Virtual, I've updated the link. Now it is running proper in IE below 8.0 (not in IE5.5). Result in IE 8.0 and all other browser is gone for a toss. I dont understand how to fix this. This is really a puzzle, when you fix a part, other goes mismatch. Please can some body explain me in details, how it works and what mistakes I am doing in CSS coding...that it is not being supported across browsers. Thanks.
  6. Yes, Certainly the design is a bit complicated. But it could have happned later also. I can not remove drop shadow and background in buttons. It would open solutions for future websites and many more like me. I've to update the link with ur suggestions thanks for that.
  7. hmm, it works. But still the top navigation is not adjusted according background. It shows different than latest IE and what about the login text fields, it is also showing vary results across different browser...
  8. the css code is herehttp:// http://www.little-hearts.co.in/new/homestyle.css
  9. I've updated my page. Link is http://www.little-hearts.co.in/new/home.htm It is not showing the top buttons inline in Crome, Flock. It is not compatible for IE 5.5 to IE 7.0 also. Can somebody have a look into the CSS and tell me whats wrong with the code? Thanks.
  10. I did try to apply some methods, but all is going above my head now. I guess its issue in my code. Can somebody help me out with this. Please check the CSS code and tell me whether it is inlined with good practices? I am still getting errors in IE 6 and 7.
  11. Thanks buddy. I will look for that
  12. Hi, First of all I apologize if this query has been repeated in this forum. I tried to find the solution in this forum, but did not find to resolve my problem. I've converted a webpage into tableless page. In the process I faced issues like positioning, and some how came over it by the help of such kind of forums. Now I am stuck in browser compatibility issue. Opera, Crome, Safari etc. are showing different result than what IE (8.0) or Firefox showing. I've put the webpage at http://www.little-hearts.co.in/new/index_new.htm Another thing- If you run this webpage in IE 8.0(
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