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  1. Virtual, I thought that when a page is validated it was for the purpose of making it cross browser compatible. I guess not. So can you give me some ideas on how to fix the arrow problem and especially the wrapper that doesn't make it to the bottom? I'm working on your other suggestion, the Purchase Info color.
  2. Thanks Thelma. I fixed the footer with padding and the color. Actually I didn't see your recent post until this afternoon. Didn't get an email alert message. But...I have a new problem. Went to Browsershots.com to check my site in Firefox because someone told me the image purchase page arrows were sitting on top of the text, "Everglades". While I was on the Browsershots site I checked Safari and Opera as well. The Browser site didn't work too well, but what happened after that was, my whole site went haywire. I had to republish almost everything. I still have one image missing on the alligator pages, "Posing", which I had fixed earlier today. How did using Browsershots upset so much in my site, any ideas? And what is the best way to check cross browser?
  3. Thanks for your feedback, and Virtual, for your kind words about my photography. Thelma, on the About page, I made the text align left on my computer, and then when published it did not move. Really, I don't know why it moved from left align in the first place. Why do you think it won't move left now? And I fixed the last word because it bothered you. It was written that way as a bit of local speech color.
  4. I'm not in the site building business, I'm in photography; but built a site a year ago with the help of this forum, especailly Thelma. About 10 days ago I decided to rebuild it so I could do away with the Jalbum album I had set into an Iframe. Problem with Jalbum was, to replace or add a photo meant rebuilding the entire album and I found that rather tedious. So here's the rebuild sporting a new-to-me, look www.imaginetheeverglades.com I've tried to make this one more accessible, although to do even better that will require I write even more copy and or "alt" info. But at this point the site is up and running, and I'd like to hear what some of you pros have to say, whether good or bad.
  5. Wow, that was an easy fix. I've got another hurdle with this rebuild - a shopping cart. In my existing site the cart is built into the Jalbum gallery. For this one I'd like to put "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" on each large image page using my Paypal account. From reading the PP site it looks like their recommendation is to use Javascript, which I don't have any knowledge of. I wonder if someone would steer me in the right direction for building a cart, or using the proper Paypal template.
  6. Okay, I've got the new site (not finished) temporarily loaded. The address-- www.imaginetheeverglades.com/temporary The background is a gradient, but on some of the longer pages it doesn't go all the way to the bottom. You can see what I mean if you go to Stories2.html Appreciate any help. Wayne
  7. It's been a few days but I managed to fix my image alignment problem. I appreciate the help and have been steadily rebuilding the site. But I've come to a point where I need to link image pages with a clickable arrow showing next and previous, and haven't been able to find info on the arrow part. Also, how do I go about making my pages live for purposes of posting here? Can I somehow link to my existing website in a temporary method?
  8. Thanks again for your help, and Virtual, for the time you took to post code in this case. The problem I have here with thumbs, is that I must represent the full composition of each photo as this is a photographic website. I can't hack the images in pieces because they don't display properly. So I've been reading, looking at other photographic sites and doing a lot of googling and unless I'm really missing something in code writing, it appears that the only way to overcome the alignment problems is with tables and css. If anyone has a fix for this alignment problem in pure CSS, or agrees that tables are the way to go, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
  9. Some of my thumbnails are horizontal and others, vertical, and that seems to throw the alignment off. I've looked at the links Im and Virtual provided but still can't wrap my head around the concept of aligning my thumbs. It's been two days and I'm totally confused. Can someone look at my stylesheet posted above, and point me in a more clear direction?
  10. Having a problem with layout on thumbnail page where I'll have about 20 - 150x100px images. I can't keep the thumbs in any order and was wondering if I should use tables?
  11. Got a new snag. I can't seem to get my text to center beneath each photo. I've pasted an excerpt from my gallery2.html below, and then the stylesheet. alt="Monroe Station"> Dawn at the Hammock *{margin: 0; padding: 0;} body { color: #000000; font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background:#333333; } #wrapper { background: #C1BEB3; margin: 25px auto; width: 980px; padding-top: 1em;} #wrapper2 {background:#333333; margin: 5px auto; width: 940px; padding-top: 1em; } #header {text-align:center;} h1 {color:#666600;} h1,h2,h3 { margin:15px auto;} h2,h3 { font-size: 100%;} h3 {text-align:center;} h4 {text-align:left; margin:15px;margin-bottom:0px;} p.center {text-align: center;}#content {margin: 35px;}p{ margin: 15px 0;} ul#navlist{margin:15px auto; white-space: nowrap; text-align:center;} #navlist li {display: inline; list-style-type: none;} #navlist a {padding: 3px 10px; } #navlist a:link, #navlist a:visited{color: #fff;background-color: #808080; text-decoration: none} #navlist a:hover{color: #fff; background-color: #808000; text-decoration: none;} table{margin: 10px 50px;} img.displayed {display:block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto } #footer { text-align: center; font-size: .8em; clear:both;} #images img{float:right;} #images img{float:left;} #images p{clear:both;} #images img{margin:0 60px 0;} #images img {border: 0; } #thumbs img {border:0;} div.float { float:left; margin-left: 20px;margin-right: 20px;} div.float p {text-align:center; } #post img {display:block; margin: 0 auto;} #post {text-align:left;} #post p {margin-top: 15pt; margin-bottom: 5pt;margin-left: 130pt; margin-right: 130pt; }
  12. Wow! That's some CSS sheet. I'll study it although I won't build mine so detailed. That guy has a lot of text and special interest criteria. What do you mean by dynamically generated? Thanks for the info.
  13. That's close, but this is more like I'm thinking about. http://www.martinlawrencephotography.com/gallery/view/18/ I can't remember how to access the CSS sheet for a site. Can you jog my memory?
  14. Hi, I built my photographic website, www.imaginetheeverglades.com a year ago with a lot of help from this forum. The gallery page has an iframe wherein my album sits. I made the album using Jalbum, and now I want to do away with that as it's a real pain to update my photographs. For each change I have to rebuild the album. What I want to do is display about four images (approximately 150x100 pixels) on my homepage (landscapes, birds, alligators, flora) and then when one is clicked on it brings up a file of smaller thumbs. When the viewer clicks on one of these smaller thumbs a larger window opens of that image. I'll post about 75 photos this way, so my question is, is there an efficient method available other than building the 75 pages? Also, my shopping cart is part of the Jalbum album, and I'll need to create another one, but if I remember correctly that's not difficult to do. I'm a little rusty with html and css, but am brushing up on it. Thanks for your help.
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