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  1. Question for the pros out there:


    Is it better as a web designer to create standard HTML sites or Wordpress sites for business clients? It looks like Wordpress is gaining momentum but I am also hearing that they need regular maintenance such as when plugins need constant updating.


    Is this an issue for any Wordpress designers out there?


    Looking for feedback



  2. I am just learning web design. I have made changes to the css on a site stored on my computer so I know how to view the code with my browser. Now my question is, how do I go about seeing what the new site looks like? How do I open it to see it as it would look online? Is there a different file I open up with my browser?


    Any help would be appreciated!




  3. Hello- I am completely new to web design- I have read a few books and I'm looking to dive in now. I had read that one of the best ways to get started is to look at existing CSS to see how it looks on the page.


    Can I view external stylesheets or just the web sites that have internal sheets?


    If they can be viewed, where would I find the external style sheets?


    (I hope this question is not too basic for this forum- if it is, could you recommend a good forum for beginners?)


    Thanks for your help.


    Kind Regards,



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