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  1. Thanks Wickham. And thanks Eric, as I found it on your link 30 sec. after I posted...ha. The codes works great. However, my dropdown menu won't work. The menu appears, but the submenus won't appear. However it works online, just not in MAMP. Any ideas?
  2. Well, I've seemed to have found the answer. Absolute links are the way to go. But, will this cause the pages to load slower?
  3. This is wonderful. One of the biggest "a ha!" moments I've had in a while. Thanks guys. However, I've encountered a problem. My question is, if the php tag only inserts the code from the menu.inc file, and the links on web pages are different depending on their directory location, how does this solve the problem? Should I just use the full link in the menu.inc file (ex. http://www.mysite.com/about/history.php) instead of about/history.php?
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