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  1. Being new to PhP and wanting to get my site on line as soon as possible I used webassist.com "User Registration Solution Pack" which provides login and registration php pages and is supposed to email the reader on registration to activate the registration that has been submitted. The package seems fine and when I put test data in the users table it picks this up ok but I can't get the package to email me back so that I can activate the protected page. I have questioned this with webassist who say the I need to configure my computer to be an smtp server. I am using localhost wampserver2. I haven't got a clue how I can do this can anyone help please. Step by guide would be very helpful if anyone can show me where I could find one.
  2. I am actually using wampserver 2.0 version phpMyAdmin which came as part of the wamp package. I notice the latest downoad for wamp has updated php,mysql and apache versions. If I download this new package will I lose the databases in the current version or how can I ensure they are safe. Sorry if this is a basic question but I am completely new to this area.
  3. I have been following the killerphp videos which are excellent. I went to look at the privileges in MyPhpAdmin for the database I want to use and I get this error: Error SQL query: DocumentationEdit (SELECT `User`, `Host`, `Select_priv`, `Insert_priv`, `Update_priv`, `Delete_priv`, `Create_priv`, `Drop_priv`, `Grant_priv`, `Index_priv`, `Alter_priv`, `References_priv`, `Create_tmp_table_priv`, `Lock_tables_priv`, `Create_view_priv`, `Show_view_priv`, `Create_routine_priv`, `Alter_routine_priv`, `Execute_priv`, `Event_priv`, `Trigger_priv`, `Db` FROM `mysql`.`db` WHERE 'admin_bks' LIKE `Db` AND NOT (`Select_priv` = 'N' AND `Insert_priv` = 'N' AND `Update_priv` = 'N' AND `Delete_priv` = 'N' AND `Create_priv` = 'N' AND `Drop_priv` = 'N' AND `Grant_priv` = 'N' AND `References_priv` = 'N' AND `Create_tmp_table_priv` = 'N' AND `Lock_tables_priv` = 'N' AND `Create_view_priv` = 'N' AND `Show_view_priv` = 'N' AND `Create_routine_priv` = 'N' AND `Alter_routine_priv` = 'N' AND `Execute_priv` = 'N' AND `Event_priv` = 'N' AND `Trigger_priv` = 'N')) UNION (SELECT `User`, `Host`, `Select_priv`, `Insert_priv`, `Update_priv`, `Delete_priv`, `Create_priv`, `Drop_priv`, `Grant_priv`, `Index_priv`, `[...] MySQL said: Documentation #1054 - Unknown column 'Event_priv' in 'field list' Can anyone help or put me on the track to repair the problem Beeky
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