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  1. hi everyone I was wondering if someone cloud help me, id like to add a design on either side og a website, but for the background, sort of like this site: http://www.darasgarden.com/ id really appreciate any help thanks Kate
  2. hi hi I've created a form, and the php code works perfectly, for the name, email and comment field. But I'm not sure how the code should look for the three radio buttons that are on my form. Please help, i'd appreciate it!! here is the code with the variables: /* Data Variables */ $email = $_POST['email']; $name = $_POST['name']; $surname = $_POST['surname']; $productcode = $_POST['productcode']; $method = $_POST['method']; $body = << Name: $name Surname: $surname Email: $email Codes: $productcode Credit: $credit
  3. hi! thank you for the reply, i checked out the site, what a good idea. Do you know of any other eCommerce software downloads? I love in South Africa, so the currency difference is extremely high. Also, is it easy to integrate the shopping cart into a site that's already been created? It's about 50+ pages, will take forever to redo Please let me know thank you Kate
  4. hi everyone I've been doing web design for a while, but now i need to design a more advanced site, something I haven't done before. This site will have products to purchase. I'd like for clients to be able to "order" a product, or add products to a cart, all all the information should be sent to me. I have no idea where to begin. Does this involve PHP and databases? I'd really appreciate any help please let me know, thank you! Kate
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