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  1. I was asked to design a website blackberry and PDA friendly, anyone know how or what guidelines I can use for this. Any help please... bella
  2. Thanks bishwadeep that helps. Thanks falkencreative as well. Got it working, with proper code now.
  3. Thank you soooo much it works 100%. Let me know if there's other improvements I can make on my site, I'm willing to learn.
  4. Hi I have this php code so when you click submit it goes to a thank you page, but what i actually want is it to say thank you and go back to the index page automatically. Does anyone know how to do this. Here's the code <?php echo " Thank you, $_POST[name], Your message has been sent. "; //start building the mail string $msg = "Name; $_POST[name]\n"; $msg .= "E-Mail: $_POST\n"; $msg .= "Message: $_POST\n"; $recipient = "kreativ108@gmail.com"; $subject = "comment form"; $mailheaders = "From: My Website \n"; $mailheaders .= "Reply-to: $_POST"; //send the mail mail
  5. Hi Please check my site www.bella-d-zines.co.za, When you click the tabs ("RECENT,GRAPHICS,WEB,LOGO") in firefox it works fine but in IE6 it jumps, how can I keep it in place. If anyone can help please. bella
  6. Hi I'm trying to design my portfolio site, the concept I'm going for is basically there be a huge pic ("content 1") centered and below that links.. about me, contact me, web design etc... If i click on (about me-LINK) I want the (content1) to change to (content2) without reloading the page. How will I be able to achieve this.... Please help :/
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