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  1. I want to be able to have few different sentences and words change a few times in a header banner when the page first loads for visitor to it etc also the background - please see what I mean a great example is at http://www.tommcarthy.com/ and also http://www.avonhypnotherapy.co.uk/ I have purchased flash CS3 -Does anyone know some good free video tutorials on line ? that can take you step by step HOW to do this sort of thing baring in mind I am totally new to the flash software ad never ever used it! (or written instructions BUT prefer video!) HOW do you think the tommcart
  2. Wow I am a little overwhelmed and still stuck from what Wickham said I need to do etc for having different hyperlink attributes for areas in my new website I am doing. Please let me explain myself another way and maybe I can get to grips with it and get this solved for me In short I am only just learning css and dreamweaver but I have no idea how to write ANY css code etc. If you or someone can maybe just explain how to go about and select the appropriate css set 'new rules' and what I should do and logical choosing the appropriate selector type when the menu box open i.e
  3. I am new to dreamweaver and CSSS etc I know how to do hyperlinks to different pages within a website.... BUT I am stuck how to go about creating the right CSS so as to have DIFFERENT hyper links attributes not all have the same color or end up doing the same color change when clicked on taking them to pages within my website etc, and certain hyperlink words in the main content areas. here is the simple scenario what I mean: If I want to have some menu links placed on say two separate parts of the header area maybe for example on a colored strip that is blu
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