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  1. Hi Guys and Girls, I have a related question to my earlier enquiry ("Conditional display of images on website") which, hopefully, will be easier to answer. If I have created a variable (X say) in a piece of Javascript and given it a value (3 say) then how can I include this variable in an XHTML item (such as a table) so that the value "3" appears in the cell? Regards, Tony
  2. Hi, I'm currently learning to create web pages using Dreamweaver and have also written some Javascript to read and interpret a post(zip)code. My problem is that I want to display different images depending on the post(zip)code and it's not obvious to me how you do this. There will also be a different number of images that are post(zip)code dependent. I would want the first image to be placed top left of the page, the next to its right, the next to its right, etc. Can anyone point me to the construct that will allow me to do this? I'm not looking for any actual code as finding out how to do things is half the fun; I just need pointing in the right direction. Regards, Tony
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