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  1. Yeah I was thinking about the text too, especially the top heading on pretty much all the pages. About the home page though, what part of the text are you talking about exactly?
  2. All I want to add is that if you view the website on a bigger resolution the image quality is very poor. So I doubt that the whole "liquid" flash thingy is the way to go. Plus nobody really cares on how much money you can make out of poor coding. You can be a drug dealer that sells bad weed, you will make your money but at some point you will get overshadowed by a better website developer. All you do is count on your client's ignorance to make your precious money.
  3. http://www.halfdouble.com Fire away. Just note that I am firstly a designer and then a coder. I would like to correct any coding errors if any so I'm hoping for your constructive criticism.
  4. halfdouble


    Could you post a thumbnail of the image?
  5. I sorted this out. I found another plugin that had the player inside a div so i just went ahead and added the div code and a ten pixel border on the div in my main css and it worked as it should. Thanks for all your help.
  6. btw i was talking about css errors in the previous posts. im aware of the issues with parts of the code. im trying to work around them. such a pain to try and validate wordpress.
  7. Yeah my web developer plugin for firefox gives me one warning only in that page. I was wondering how to fix that. Any clue? Also in which file do I have display:none? This is wordpress 2.7.1 btw. Thanks again.
  8. I'm trying to add a 10px border around this flv video. it works fine horizontally, but only in firefox, and on the vertical sides there is unnecessary space. This is the page: http://www.halfdouble.com/?p=147 and this is the code i figured i should use: #player1 { border: 10px solid #000; } Btw if you set the padding: 0px; it gets to show ok on firefox but not IE. Haven't tested in other browsers yet. I might be doing smth really stupid since im new to css and i basically treated the flv as an image. Thanks for your time.
  9. Look closely, its a minor thing but if you notice the left edge of the inactive tab you will see it. Unless my IE is even crazier than other peoples Thanks for the tip, Ill keep it in mind.
  10. It's actually ok like that because #comments is the big page where everything is included in, and #url, #email and #author are the input fields. I don't know why it behaved like that but once I made the width of the input fields 50% of the bigger text area below everything seemed to align properly. It's just weird how IE works. Now I have another slight problem. If you go here: http://www.halfdouble.com you will notice that in the bottom there is tabbed content with 4 tabs. In IE they seem to break somehow and I'm not sure why. Again firefox shows them ok.
  11. Hi everyone, If you just look at the bottom of this page both with IE and firefox you will understand my problem. Firefox displays it as I want but not IE. Anyone has a clue why IE behaves like this? Any help will be appreciated. http://www.halfdouble.com/?p=91 This is my code: #comments #url, #author, #email { /* the inputs */ background: #454545; border: 1px solid #1d1d1d; float: right; color: #000; padding: 3px; } 1st and 3rd field aligns properly, 2nd one fails. Thanks, Theo
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