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  1. Good morning Andrea, Thank you for taking the time to look it over and provide me with some great tips. I am very serious about web design. I have been studying for the last yr or so, and actually did not put anything to work (Just studied, studied - w3schools, books, blogs, lynda.com). My brother popped this on me and it got me to roll my sleeves up and do it - and it is true - you do not learn until you do it. Never would have known of changing .htm to .php. And yes I will be adding a contact form to the contact page and deleting the info email. I would also like to include on the f
  2. thank you for assisting me with this. Yes - that is how my mind is right now - mush
  3. I may be wrong, but it sounds like you are wanting a dynamic form. You will need PHP for this. If you do not have any experience with this - I would recommend watching Stefan's (Admin. of Killer Sites) podcast course (an excellent one) on PHP at www.killerphp.com. If you are needing it done quickly and do not have time for this - Dreamweaver CS4 will produce you a nice looking form within several clicks of your mouse...
  4. Hi Ben, I will look into the dropsend - thank you for the resource. I will keep you posted..... (slowly pulling my hair out by each strand....... )
  5. Hi Andrea, I was trying to upload my .htm pages and downloaded them in a RAR file. My brother was going to put me up on a temp server, so I can post it to the forum & he can review how the site is coming along with the company (the Marina who I am redesigning for / he is going to school for networking so he has some background with programming).. Glad I am redesigning their site Pro Bono
  6. I'll post it tomorrow. After waiting over 1.5 hours for my rar files to attach (Still did not complete), we tried Torrent and that did not work. Did Rapidshare - but can only do 1 a day - and I mistakenly uploaded the Torrent file and not the RAR the 1st upload...aiy
  7. my brother will get it up live today. I will post it soon. thanks guys!
  8. That is probably the route you will have to take. I do not know of any other way to go about it other than with PHP. Check out Stefans podcasts on PHP : www.killerphp.com
  9. Hi Eric I will look into - thank you for the tip..... thanks Brian
  10. Ben I am emailing you the files - thanks Brian
  11. Good morning Andrea, That is ok and I appreciate the assistance greatly. In the bottom right hand corner of DW - my root folder consists of Root Folder --index --about --services etc.. etc.. etc... (there is nothing inside of these folders) Then my .htm pages are listed below these --index.htm --about.htm etc.. etc... Now when I am on the home page - with my link for the about page (xhtml) set up as: AboutThe About link shows smaller than the rest of the links. The navigation seems wider - and when I hover over the About link - it as well as the Home link appear
  12. I'll look at it later tonight. thanks
  13. Thanks Ben - You don't have any idea about my linking issue do you? I'm at a complete lost....
  14. Just so has it I am doing a re design of a Marina my brother helps run (my 1st project ) Good luck to you - this is an excellent site / forum..you've come to the right place Brian
  15. the color scheme is nice. A couple things I notice your navigation bar - the entire bar is clickable but the links are not. Checking your CSS - I did not see anything for your navigation Change your links from tables to an un ordered list You will want to fix the margin-top / padding-top: on your footer info to lower this element I would recommend slowing down your fadeIn on the images . I think a fadeIn of about 4-5 seconds with a fadeOut of maybe 1 or 2 secs would suit nicely - Maybe change the border to a lighter black or blue/gray (play with colors to see what suits well)
  16. I think you need to clarify exactly what you mean by this, and where this is occurring when you load the site. Hi Ben, It is only happening on the The Local Spots page. I am getting 2 errors when checking the browser compatibility. Errors are reading for the XHTML below: Local Spots "Beaches, Parks, Restaurants and Shopping" If you are visiting Florida on vacation, we want to show you around. Even if you are a local, maybe we can introduce you to several spots you may not be awa
  17. Ok now the link is small - click on it and it links to the page. I am using the About page. On the Home page - The About link is smaller than the rest of the links. I hover over the About link, the text for the About and Home link enlarge a little bit. I click on the About link and I am linked to the About page. On the About page - the link now is normal size as the rest of the links(?) Sorry guys for the questions, I am just trying to learn - and yes - I am sober and this !2^t is really happening Here is the CSS for the navigation: #header ul { list-style-type: none; fl
  18. Thanks andrea my set up is: Site Root: --Index --About --Services --etc... then the .htm's are below these folder: --index.htm --about.htm --services.htm They are not in the folders themselves (i.e index.htm is not in the index folder) I use FF as well. When I click the links I get this message: File not found Firefox can't find the file at /C:/Users/Webmaster/Documents/about.htm. * Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors. * Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted. That is not a 404 is it? below is the XHTM
  19. Hi Andrea, I know I noticed those as well and will be cleaning them up (never knew using 2 comments on an element is no good (Strict) Up in the main nav in header - When I click About from the home page - it jumps to the About page - but tthe About link is smaller and the whole navigation moves up and widens. Same thing - if I click on Ammenities - it goes to the Ammenities page - but About and Ammenities links are smaller and the navigation is wider and moved up In regards to the Absolute link. I make the NOAA Marine link in the sidebar an absolute link to link to the NOAA page. When
  20. HOME ABOUT SERVICES AMMENITIES MAINTENANCE CONTACT NOAA Marine....................pg 7]http://www.wunderground.com/MAR/GM/850.html?MR=1\">-->[/url] Our Location......................pg 8 Tarpon Springs..................pg 9 Local Spots.........................pg 10 Word from our boaters.. "I have been coming to Anclote Harbors for 12 years. Service, price and reliability sum up the Marina in 3 words. I could not imagine going anywhere else" From Brian Jones Our Hours: Monday thru Friday:
  21. HOME ABOUT SERVICES AMMENITIES MAINTENANCE CONTACT NOAA Marine....................pg 7 Our Location......................pg 8 Tarpon Springs....
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    Thanks Newseed - I got it. I was not adding it to the head section...
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