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  1. Thanks for the feedback Rich. I am still a newbie in my self taught studies. I plan on beginning to learn javascript and jQuery in the next month or so since I currently only have an understanding of the basics of CSS and (X)HTML. I am currently working on pro bono projects to get experience, and am only taking on 1 project at a time. I hope the work continues to be steady like this to gain experience and exposure to the world of Freelancing, and ready myself for when it is time to take on several at a time. Although Brian aka BKMacdaddy had a great article on his experience of not having a sa
  2. Thanks for the feedback Ben and Sarina
  3. Good information and thank you for sharing Krillz and Susie. I am only on my 2nd project (pro bono) and I am starting to see how some clients can lack in producing necessary information. I have been waiting about 2-3 weeks for a full list of services and Team pics / bios for the Meet The Team section (2 employees) on my current project. I can see and understand why some designers re schedule them if they delay on submitting required information to complete the job. I have since left the site be for now (except for a couple minor quirks I am trying to figure out) and have began researching my n
  4. I was on Facebook earlier and came across a post From Freelance Folder - " How many clients can you comfortably take at a time? Do you ever find yourself taking more clients only to realize later that it wasn't the wisest decision? How do you deal with it?" This is an interesting post - especially for us newcomers and I thought I would share it here (no I have not yet began Freelancing, but this is my long term goal). I actually mentioned this to my Fiance Kim 2 nights ago - wondering how to handle clients and multiple projects when freelancing. I know a "rule of thumb" is to require 25% -
  5. Here are a couple of articles that may help you: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/05/24/best-practices-for-coding-html-emails/ http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/02/15/email-newsletters-guidelines-and-examples/
  6. overall - very nice. A couple things I notice: The main intro page - the image is pretty dark There could be a little more padding added to the main navigation links (pretty close together) - Just my 2 cents worth
  7. I do not know of an online source for navigation bars persay other than using a template. If you are looking for menus and drop down menus - google Suckerfish menus -
  8. As a newbie - I have started off with Web Hosting Pad. $40 for the year and no issues so far. HostGator seems to be one of the most popular out there..
  9. NuCoder

    Fading Text

    Thanks Virtual - I'll head on over there..
  10. NuCoder

    Fading Text

    I am trying to find a tutorial on Fading text with jQuery. My goal is to fade testimonials in and out of each other. I have looked for this at jquery.com as well as Net Tuts and have been un successful. Is this possible with out using a pagination or do I have to use Flash? thanks Brian
  11. NuCoder

    Two basic CSS Mistakes

    Nice post Kyle - thank you for sharing
  12. Good evening guys, If you have a moment - could you please visit the link below. A couple of things: I have a float drop problem for the main featured image and company statement. The container is 900px and the featured container is 900px. The statement and featured image is 895. The email sign up form - I am struggling getting the text fields to align evenly on the left, as well as getting the button to become a link and removing the Keep Me Posted value In IE6 - my transparent png's are showing backgrounds. Also the content is shifted down. I am guessing this is caused from the
  13. I am still in the early stages of learning CS4 - though I have the Creative Suite Web Premium. Once I have a strong grasp of CS4 - I will definitely upgrade. However when this happens CS6 will be coming out Regarding CS5 - the new features I find to be great are the new Content Aware Scale and Flash Catalyst...
  14. Hi guys - Here is the temp. url. http://ww w. creat iveeyedia.com The problem I am coming across is the navigation bar is not appearing when using the background in the CSS. I am having the same issue with the form background (beneath email sign up in lower right corner). On another note - I am attempting to make the quote buttons blue on hover. I am adding the hover image on a: hover but it is sending the hover button off to the side. I have not used sprites yet - this may the reason? *Please note - this is just getting the structure together. I still am updating the main image
  15. Ben - not that I am noticing. I am waiting for my brother to put it up on the server and I will forward the link. Thanks Newseed - thank you for the tips as well..
  16. Hi Ben - I checked that but will check again (ie - my footer image shows up ok in CSS).. thanks
  17. Does anyone use a Standard License from I Stock? I have a question regarding using images on a website. It states you can use the image on a website, but not for resale. Is this indicating resale of the image or on a website you are building for someone. Seeing this is my only 2nd project - it of course is pro bono. Any input as I do not want to be sued from Getty Images... thanks
  18. It's been a while, but I have another question guys. I am attempting to add a background image for my nav bar and for a contact form. However - when I add it to the CSS - it does not appear. It only will appear when I add it inline in the XHTML. Any clue of what I may be doing wrong? As always - Thanks Brian
  19. Ben - absolutely. On my 1st (and only project so far - which will be re designed soon to add better aesthetics) I only used 2 images from Stock Exchange (SXC) and received permission from the owner to use. I will always follow proper protocol as I do not want to step on any toes and want to make sure I as a designer / developer be true to the community Newseed - thanks for the information. I have kept the email from the owner of the images stating I can use them
  20. There is a new Video on SEO over at lynda.com
  21. Ok - here is the reply my brother sent to me. I guess apparently the geniuses who built his marina's previous site did not purchase the license. I am not surprised - by doing the re design for them - as a beginner - I found many mistakes and careless thoughts behind the scenes of the previous work provided by these guys (previous designers / developers) - here is my brothers reply on this: It wasnt an email. they sent a letter to the marina asking for like 875.00 due to using their image without a license from a pic on the old site. They have a company from Israel that they hire to scour t
  22. "Something that might look pretty and easily understandable to me isn't always understandable to others. Overall I've been pretty pleased with it." We all know about that Keep up the great work!
  23. Thanks Ben. Excellent job on the K.S re design! Cheers Brian
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