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  1. I finally found the problem, it was css related. I went back to the original css file and line by line replaced it with my current version. The offending thing: #menu li.current a.sub {color:#fff;;} I was missing the second ; from that line. Unbelievable. Thanks for everyone chiming in on this.
  2. CSS Menu is working fine in all other major browsers except for Mozilla 2.0. http://www.victorsfood.com.au/index-new.shtml Eg. For the 'About Us' menu it is only showing the dropdown 'Appearances' even though there are 8 other items that should come before it. I've tried everything to fix this, even comparing the code line by line to the original version at http://www.cssmenus.co.uk/dropdown.html but had no success. Please can anyone help? I don't think the issue is css related. ></pre> <ul> Home About Us </ul> <a href="aboutus.shtml" rel=
  3. My above comment about that code has nothing to do with it, because I removed all that code to test and it did the same thing. An accurate description is that it is showing only the last menu item of each dropdown. Eg. For the 'About Us' menu it is only showing the dropdown 'Appearances' even though there are 8 other items that should come before it. This problem only occuring in Mozilla 2.0.
  4. ok, found the extra --> and it took away the extra --> on the page. I'm still only getting the first dropdown in the menu. I'm thinking its to do with this code in the menu: specifically the bit About Us specifically the bit is there one too many comment tags there? or not enough?
  5. I was just viewing the site I'm working on in Mozilla v2.0 and it is only showing the first drop down item on the css menus. It's also displaying '-->' in the top left hand corner, which makes me think its a bum line of code in the include/menu.htm file that is blowing it up. I can't remember if the menu was originally working in Mozilla 2.0. http://www.victorsfood.com.au/index-new.shtml
  6. Thanks Wickham, I took your advice and downloaded the standard dropdown menu from cssplay.com and also copied your ie6 code above. http://www.victorsfood.com/newsite/index.shtml I also tried using the width classes that you gave me code for a few weeks ago, to set the width of the menu items. Do I still need to do that for the css play menu or is there someway to get all the menu items to span to 100% to fit the screen? I note that the cssplay menu all have the same widths, which makes it so much easier! Outstanding issues now: - The dropdown widths are doing weird things.
  7. Hi all Page in question: http://www.victorsfood.com/newsite/index.shtml I know about the issues relating to the display of css ul/li drop down menu navigation in Internet Explorer 6.0. To rectify this I included the 'bug fix' stylesheet specifically for IE6. http://www.victorsfood.com/newsite/common/ie6.css However, this has made no difference. Viewing the page in IE 6, the menu goes horrid, the wrong colour links and the drop downs are staggered across horiztonally rather than vertically. I should note that when this fix css is linked to it removes the browser scrollbar,
  8. Cheers mate! Thats what the problem was. Legend.
  9. Thanks so much for your help Wickham. Re. the maincontent css setup I had before, I know it was a disaster. I have rectified this by introducing a new style that makes use of the browsers scrollbars. In terms of the menu, I chose the #3 option you suggested. http://web.aanet.com.au/~natalie/victor/ The only problems now 1) the gap between the menu and top header area producing white space. 2) the black menu is not extending to the full width, resulting in the white space on right hand side. The page width is now 950px, I adjusted your 'widthe' class down by 10px, to accomodate
  10. Hi all I'm having a bit of trouble getting a drop down menu to work. URL: http://web.aanet.com.au/~natalie/victor/ 1) Basically, I want to align all the menu headings so they are evenly spaced horizontally across. The only way I can figure to do this is to change the 'text-align' to center instead of left in the ul li class. However, this moves all the drop downs to be centered under the menu headings, giving a tabbed across look for all the drop downs when hovered over. 2) The width: 157, also means that menu items with smaller amounts of characters receive the same menu widt
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