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    Header Width

    I'm learning CSS as I work through my current project and I've run into an issue with my header div. http://www.mjkelly.com/new/anothertest.html is the site. I have the header div width set to 100% and it looks fine until I 'restore' my window to a smaller size. At that point, the background image ends when the content (header image), leaving a white space to the right. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it so that the div background image stays the width of window, no matter the size. Also, any comments on the CSS would be appreciated. Thanks! Brandon
  2. I had used Fireworks for the design, exported to Dreamweaver. Both CS4. And that's what the result was. I spent considerable time earlier in the week going back through the coding and making sense of it and arranging appropriately. http://bgoodin.com/index-new.htm I noticed today that the logo div is not lined up correctly - I'll fix that tonight and put the rest of the pages into this format. But the time spent was beneficial, as it helped me learn how divs work in CSS. Thanks for the feedback and any additional feedback is appreciated! Brandon
  3. I'm reworking the website for the company that I work for. I'm still learning Javascript, but I used one of the Spry templates that is in Dreamweaver CS4 on this page: http://www.mjkelly.com/new/contact_us.html. The functionality does not work on this page in IE. No problems in Firefox. Also, the same Spry template is used on this page with no problems in IE: http://www.mjkelly.com/new/applications/. I haven't validated the code and I know it's formatted with tables, BUT I just need help with this small bit. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it! Thanks, Brandon
  4. I use Fireworks to design my webpages and then export to Dreamweaver for content. I'm still learning CSS and have a question/issue on a page. On my homepage, http://www.bgoodin.com, the bottom div doesn't seem to want to extend to the bottom of the page. On my other pages, I have no problems; the bottom div extends to cover my footer. It just doesn't seem to want to cooperate on my index page. If someone could let me know what is causing this, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Brandon
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