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  2. First impressions. I like the "new" layout, it's easier to get around. I'm going to dig about a bit more and come back with second impressions. Jim. Slàinte mhor a h-uile là a chi 's nach fhaic (Great health to you every day that I see you and every day that I don't) A little Scots gealic.
  3. Oh dear, just as well I'm retired mine is worth a whole 0$
  4. I'm a happy bunny, at last Firefox accepts embedded fonts and displays them properly. So at last IE can be consigned to the garbage. Or have I spoken too soon, I haven't seen 3.5 yet.
  5. I must admit I like that , you can get different ways to to do things and get ideas of new thing to try on your site. Mind you, I have a big advantage, no clients, no pressure just the pure pleasure of learning.
  6. I checked my site on Google Webmaster Tools and the only problem showing is Duplicate Title Tags I'm getting Guestbook 3 times, the errors are :- guestbook/gbook.php?a=delete&num=1 guestbook/gbook.php?a=reply&anum=0 guestbook/gbook.php?a=viewIP&num=0 I've played around a bit but I can't find a way to alter the HTML title tag. Is it even possible to do this ? TIA Aucheorn
  7. Aucheorn

    text not changing color

    Try placing color after font-size font-family font-size color text-align It works for me
  8. I've been reading what users have been saying, and a site about "fixes" already !! Naw I'll steer clear.
  9. Well that it done my site is near compatable as I can get it with the following browsers, IE, Opera, (which I like ) Mozilla Firefox, (which I don't ) Safari and Konquerer ( which works better under Linux than it does under Windows ) I've taken LSWs points and changed some of the fonts to make it easier to read. A few interesting points have come up with using different browsers and operating systems. Originally W3C would only validate my stylesheet as 2.0 but since using a modified Meyers and Clagnut code in my css it now validates as 2.1 although the basic code ie the embedding of "Monotype Corsiva CE" font remains unchanged.. All the browsers I played with only one did not display embedded fonts ! So Firefox may be the the only "compliant" browser it's also the only one of shall I say the main browsers that is out of step. Thanks again for all your help. PS. I've given these forum a credit on my site.
  10. Thank you gentlemen. In the short time I've been using this site I've learnt more than I had in the previous years of self taught fumbling. I'm so glad I found it.
  11. Aucheorn

    Good Friday

    Sorry you're at the wrong end of Britain ! Here in the North of Scotland the weather has been glorious all weekend. I was even weeding this morning in my shorts ! (Not a pretty sight)
  12. I'm in the process of slight changes to coding to get my site looking the same in all browsers and it's working well so far on Firefox,Opera and IE7 . There is one slight , but aggravating problem, font sizes ! Opera shows smaller than IE and Firefox shows larger than IE for the same font size it doesn't matter whether I use ' size:2;' or 'size:12pt:' Is there a work around ? 2nd question, are there other browsers I should cater for ?
  13. Some heavy reading there How are compromises reached from what seems pretty entrenched positions ? I am a lot wiser now, and still in favour of .eot. Off topic : Keep the "Only in Alaska" coming. What's Caribou Barbie upto these days ?
  14. Thank you Wickham I've made the change you suggested and changed all the DocTypes. I'll certainly have a look at browsershots.
  15. I embedded the font using Microsofts Weft. It creates a file containing all the characters and variation called (in my case) monotyp0.eot, Some fonts ie. Verdana require a separate file for Italics, this you put in your root and put the following code in each file that uses the font Bitstream also have an embedding tool but it is limited to their fonts. When I found out about style sheets I incorporated it into the sheet and was able to remove the code from the pages. When I validated the css file on W3C CSS 2 it passed but as CSS 2.1 it failed. I'm trying out Rapid PHP 2009 when coding CSS it defaults to CSS 2.1 (It also does HTML, PHP AND JAVASCRIPT.) My site brae moray com is aimed at a very small audience I don't sell anything, just pass on information. I think I'll stick to CSS 2 and wait for CSS 3. Thanks everyone for your help.
  16. I know Monotype Corsiva CE is rare, that's why I embed the font. I've used it for years with no problems, before it was embedded Arial was the alternative but it did not give me the look I wanted. It's only on CSS level 2.1 Validation it throws up the errors. I just like to be different !
  17. I had added the quote round all mentions of the font, which got rid of all the warnings except for the "No declarations in the rule" I presume this warning is a result of the errors below. 2 Value Error : font-family Property font-family doesn't exist in CSS level 2.1 but exists in [css1, css2, css3] : "Monotype Corsiva CE" 3 Value Error : font-style Property font-style doesn't exist in CSS level 2.1 but exists in [css1, css2, css3] : normal 4 Value Error : font-weight Property font-weight doesn't exist in CSS level 2.1 but exists in [css1, css2, css3] : normal 5 Property src doesn't exist : url(MONOTYP0.eot) I may have to stay with CSS level 2.
  18. I have a CSS which validate under CSS2 but when I try under the default in "Rapid PHP" I get the errors "font-family/style/weight" don't exist in CSS2.1" The relevant cade is as follows, my site design is dependent on this embedded font. @font-face { font-family: Monotype Corsiva CE; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; src: url(MONOTYP0.eot); } I also get a warning that there is "No declarations in the rule" What does this mean, I can't find any reference on W3C. Any pointers to get round this would be gratefully appreciated.
  19. Thanks for reminding me that I'm old. Should I change all my "name" to "id", I'm doing a complete rewrite of a site I first wrote 11 years ago. I've found CSS and stylesheets and of course this great site. My head is spinning and I'm loving it. Jim.
  20. On child page I have How can I link from parent page to and go directly to "comfyloo" which is one various sections ? I've tried various combinations but I'm stuck. Thanks in advance, Jim Farquharson.
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