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  1. Yes, I did those. I contacted my host and they went through both of my sites and pulled out all suspicious junk. Then I changed my password. They said the malware might have been hiding on my home computer so I scanned with Norton and McAfee. They did not find anything. I am just telling you all this so you don't rely on these two programs. I scanned with Ad Aware and it found the worms. A friend told me about AVG. I may try it out to see if it works better than Ad Aware or SpyBot. I see no reason to have four or five anti-virus programs but if the two big ones don't work... And how come my firewall didn't catch them? :mad: Anyway, as of this writing the site is up and working again. One other thing I did. To keep my viewers from catching the virus I removed the index page until the problem was fixed. That way I didn't have to take the whole site down. If it happens again I may put up a maintenance page, but I didn't have one at the time.
  2. Yes, the site was hacked. There are now redirects on it that lead you to a site that tries to download malware. I removed the ads. I removed the site pages and put them up again but they still redirect. I have contacted my host and am waiting for them to answer. I checked the source code but I didn't see anything amiss. I guess the only other thing I can do is to remove the entire site and upload it again.
  3. I couldn't get to the new site. If it is identical to the old one as AlexGrim says, then it looks fine. I like the design.
  4. My site has no visible ads on it. There is a blog attached to it (the blog does have ads). Today I went to look at the file through my FTP software to find about a hundred html pages that I didn't put there. They were all ads. They are not visible on the site, just in the file. How are they getting there? There has got to be a back door open someplace. There are several places that could be vulnerable. The Word Press blog The host The template from Active Den. How do I start looking for the problem and solution? Thanks.
  5. SOLVED! I wasn't deleting the entire button. I was only deleting the instance on the stage.
  6. Update: I asked the author about removing the button. He said this: "Make a modification on one of the movie clips in the fla library. It's called RightButtonPanel. Open it by double clicking and remove the full screen button. After doing this, go to the src directory, open PhotoGallery.as and remove the full screen button reference in the init function. Save and recompile." Fine. I did that...8 times with variations. But again, once I remove or delete the button the site will not load. Then he asked this. "Did you add the src directory to your classpaths? Does it successfully compile?" Yes I did, but how do I compile it? I thought by hitting the "publish" button it should work. When I publish I am warned about a missing font and asked if I want to override something-or-other. It doesn't matter whether I say yes or no. It still won't work. Can anyone please tell me about compiling src's and classpaths in Flash?
  7. That might work. I will try masking the button. I will also look through the src codes and see what I can change.
  8. I am working on an XML template that has a button that allows the site to resize and go full screen. This has disastrous results. I want to delete or disable the resize button but when I did the site would not work at all. I went into the fla file and deleted the movie clip from the library. WRONG. How do I safely remove this component?
  9. I have two sites that I am trying to incorporate. Both are Flash. One is a slideshow which I need to include inside of the main site. The instructions I am given are incomplete. I am told to drag and drop the slideshow into my project. I have no idea how to do that. I am also told to create a PhotoGallery object inside my classes. Where do I find "classes"? I was also told to set the embedded parameters to True. It's all Greek to me. Please help if you have any idea what I am talking about.
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