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  1. Still tweaking it but I just discovered another IE problem (grrrr ie!!!!!)


    The pop-out rollover menus don't line up next to their parent. The first one does but then the second one is a little too low and the final two (community partners and publications) are waaaay too low. Obviously some padding or something is accumulating in a weird way with each li or ul or something. Any idea what the fix is? :D

  2. I'm working on a site design and I want these four boxes for links to speecial content to appear in little divs of their own so that I can tie them to the CMS in a way that gives the final user total flexibility. They are laying out nicely in firefox and safari on both PC and Mac. But, of course, I.E. is messing up. Anything blatantly obvious about why?


    Here's the site: http://tinyurl.com/ce2enj


    stylesheet: http://tinyurl.com/befghb


    It's the four crumpled-paper boxes that are appearing in the wrong place in IE. They should be in the middle more of less in two rows of two.


    Thanks in advance!

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