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  1. I guess I should get my money back from the school I went to for teaching me a very out of date program. Thanks for the tips. I love these KillerSite videos.
  2. I am new to webdesign - I just finished a course in Dreamweaver 8. In that course, I was taught how to design using layers that I could drag around the page similarly to the way I could drag things around in photoshop. However, when I tried to find this function in CS4 I found that it was no longer in the menu, only create new "div tag" which I know is similar but not exactly the same thing (I couldn't position it like I was hoping). I also was taught that I could add the pre-fabbed "flash buttons" to my navigation bar to create a bar that would change upon linking, rolling over etc. I found that this no longer exists either and has been replaced by "Spry". Sorry to ask such a newbie question but I took that course to fulfill a job and now - having believed that I could create a website using a design I had already come up with in photoshop would be easy - I find it takes me all day just to lay down a few elements because nothing from Dreamweaver 8 has survived in CS4 - or at least anywhere I can find it. My question is: is there a way to place elements such as images or even tables where you want them on the page - simlarly to how you would do it in photoshop? I find it hard to believe that they elimated something so useful in the most up to date program and no tutorial that I can find provides any guidance on this.
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