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  1. Is there a way to edit my display name? I've gone into edit settings and account settings and I don't see a way. I appreciate any feedback.
  2. Mock-ups are a graphical representation of what a new design might look like. For example, if a client asks for a new button or feature to be added to a web page, you would outline what that new feature might look like. You can search "free wireframe tools" to assist with mock ups. You can use tools like Microsoft PowerPoint and Visio as well. See the attachment as an example. Storyboards are essentially user stories. You are explaining what a user's goal is by interacting with the new feature. A client is telling you essentially what they want in the new feature. A developer will take user stories and other details like acceptance criteria and create the software solution. Here are a few examples of user stories with different persona perspectives (persona is the user profile i.e. business owner, etc): As a business owner, I want to print duplicate copies of invoices on all orders so that I have a copy for the customer and our records. As a power user, I want to automate my daily tasks so that I can focus on getting the work done more efficiently. Many companies nowadays have adopted the agile methodology for software development and user stories or storyboards are essentially the requirements documentation. Google "agile software development" and "agile user stories" as part of your research. I hope this helps.
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