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  1. 3 year experience for the job, and you post the job here? Thanks
  2. They are good courses if you are absolute beginners, but for someone with some experience, it can be considered boring. Also in the files, they completed everything for you. It is bad if you want to work along with the teacher. I hate this very much.
  3. anyone here actually completed all courses required for the web developer program?
  4. PHP 7 Foundations PHP and MySQL Form Validation with PHP and Javascript CRUD with PHP and MySQLi PHP Tag Cloud Simple PHP Login System PHP Login with OOP and MVC PHP Cart with PayPal, OOP & MVC Build A Content Management System WordPress Themes from Scratch
  5. Dear Stefan Your site says I only spent 16 minutes on the Public Profile while I spent more than 2 hours studying your CSS course. Please fix it. Thanks Carlos Santos
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