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  1. Saw your email... I'm sure we will figure it out soon
  2. trying to find the mentoring forum links for zoom calls as we have one this sunday that "Brent" is supposed to be posting. Am I in the right place? please help.
  3. It's command + P on mac to lookup files in VS code. ctl + P I think it is on windows- just google shortcut to lookup files sublime text or whichever editor you're using. Hope this helps. Would think these shortcut commands to navigate vs code would be more for the real world as well.
  4. You could just open the entire folder within the text editor and then use shortcuts to lookup a particular file. Do you have sublime, vs code, or another text editor installed and open?
  5. Where is the bi weekly zoom meeting link? New to Studio Web. DIdn't want to bother Stef to ask this one. Anyone know where it is?
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