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  1. I want my Flickr album on my blog, or on my website. Can anyone tell me how to do that? An example is here: [see on the right side] http://allinthehead.com/retro/158/favourite-php-tricks
  2. Thanks falconcreative and thanks to all I got this, but if someone has another easier idea, just post it Thanks
  3. Thanks so I have to put this script on each article. Will anyone tell me to do some setting on my web once, and this print option appears on each article. I mean I should not go to each article and include this print option there.
  4. In many websites, if you brow a topic or article, you will see three options, Print ? PDF ?Email. Print will print the article, PDF will save it in PDF format and Email will send it to your friend. See example Can anyone tell me how I can add this effect to my website? I have designed my website manually (I mean I have not used Joomla or other CMS software)
  5. I have added my website to ?Google Webmaster Tools?. It gives me an error: Site not indexed I do not know what the problem is but I have two domain names for one website. Can anyone tell me how to solve my problem? Here is the Print Screen
  6. Two JavaScript functions assigned for one field I have a field ?Email?; the user enters his email for newsletter subscription. I want to validate this form. If the user presses the button without entering email, he should have an alert to enter his email. If he presses the button after given a wrong email, then he should have an alert to write the correct email. How can I have these two functions on one filed?
  7. Once I saw an html page It was a photo gallery just in one page. JavaScript was used there. There were only three links, ?Back ? Home ? Next?. The next click was taking you to the next photo, the back to previous and home to the home page of the galley. There was only one HTML file and about 25 JPG photos. Will anyone tell me how to make that?
  8. wow i fixed it with <?php @include "menu_province_eng.php" ?> i have only added @ symbol and it works
  9. Can anyone tell me where I can find CSS JavaScript Dropdown Menus (Vertical + Horizontal?)
  10. Thanks Thelma i Have Sollved my Problem
  11. http://www.fazlionline.com/karwan/contact.php
  12. CSS JavaScript drop down menu size I have a dropdown menu http://www.fazlionline.com/dropdownmenu/index.html If you bring your mouse over it, then the submenu will appear The actual link is larger than its area See the departments; I want same padding at the left as there is on the right I tried but not succeeded
  13. hi falkencreative I have changed my code to the following: <?php $to = "123@yahoo.com"; $subject = $_REQUEST['subj'] ; $name = $_REQUEST['name'] ; $org = $_REQUEST['org'] ; $tele = $_REQUEST['tele'] ; $city = $_REQUEST['city'] ; $email = $_REQUEST['email'] ; $message = $_REQUEST['message'] ; $url = "Karwan - Contact Form"; $details = "\n URL - Form: $url\n Subject: $subject\n Name: $name\n Organization: $org\n Telephone: $tele\n City: $city\n From: $email \n Message: $message \n "; $headers = "From: $email"; $sent = mail($to, $subject, $email, $message) ; if($sent) {print "Your mail was sent successfully"; } else {print "We encountered an error sending your mail"; } ?> Now I only get one email But it is from anonymous@example.com and not from the email I have entered in the email fields in contact form
  14. Hi I have used the above script in two different websites I tested them now and one sent me 7 emails and the other sent 8 ones. I know that my internet is fast. The person from whom I received 31 emails, his internet connection is too slow. I also received 42 emails from the same from
  15. PHP Mail() send 31 emails at a time Hello everyone I have this script for my contact us page <?php $to = "123@yahoo.com"; $subject = $_REQUEST['subj'] ; $name = $_REQUEST['name'] ; $org = $_REQUEST['org'] ; $tele = $_REQUEST['tele'] ; $city = $_REQUEST['city'] ; $email = $_REQUEST['email'] ; $message = $_REQUEST['message'] ; $url = "Karwan - Contact Form"; $details = "\n URL - Form: $url\n Subject: $subject\n Name: $name\n Organization: $org\n Telephone: $tele\n City: $city\n From: $email \n Message: $message \n "; $headers = "From: $email"; $sent = mail($to, $url, $details, $headers, $message) ; if($sent) {print "Your mail was sent successfully"; } else {print "We encountered an error sending your mail"; } ?> When a user fill the form and send it to me, I receive 31 messages in my inbox. Is there something wrong in my code? Regards
  16. Changing image on each refresh Hello everyone http://www.usaid.gov/about_usaid/ See the links above. If you refresh this page again and again, you will notice that the picture of top right is changing each time. Also if you click on it, you will be followed to the specific page, linked to each picture. Can anyone tell me how to do that?
  17. Server side validation will take more time; instead you can use JavaScript to reduce the time and validate the form locally Or see the links bellow, it may help you. http://webdesign.about.com/od/forms/a/aa031599_2.htm http://javascript.about.com/od/validatingforms/Validate_Form_Content.htm
  18. How can PHP access data form ?MS Access? Hi everyone I have a list of teacher in MS Access with all of its attendance record, salary, contact info and so. I want to make a form online that each one should login to see their record. Can PHP / MySQL take record form ?MS Access? files? Or Is there any way to import ?MS access? tables to MySQL? Regards
  19. how much time will it take, Hours or days?
  20. I removed picture form each page, save them and inserted images again. Now it works perfect. There were more than 80 photos and it vested my time, but I fixed the problem at least. Thanks
  21. All the data in my website is updated, I have deleted the old data and uploaded the new one But in my custom search I still get results from the old contents If I click on that, I get ?HTTP 404 Page Not Found? Search does not link my new contents in site.
  22. Thanks I made a custom search engine in Google CSE
  23. I have a website a photos gallery I have installed WAMPServer and I checked that every photo in the galley is appeared. Photos are number from 1 to 1n and links are number same too. Then I uploaded the website to my online server Everything is going perfect, the photos gallery pages appear, but NO IMAGE is there. I have deleted all the contents form the server and uploaded them again, but same problem again. Need help
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