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  1. Hi! I was hoping that there might be a kind soul here who would be willing to spare a moment to help out idiots like me and my colleagues, who know absolutely nothing about creating websites... So, here it goes: We need to create a (hopefully) simple interactive collage making website for a community art project. For context, and to explain my sudden plea for help, the project was not supposed to be digital at all, but because of COVID-19, we now need to somehow miraculously transform what was meant to be an interactive physical art installation into a digital format (without having any extra funding to do so, otherwise we'd of course hire a professional). The idea is that the website would allow users to create a collage out of a set of pre-existing images (even better if they could also upload their own images in addition to the pre-existing ones, but that's not essential). There would be a digital canvas of sorts (just a blank page would do really) and a set of images to choose from (between 50 and 60 images), and the users could pick one image at a time, move it to the canvas, and position it anywhere onto the canvas they like. They should be able to move at least 10 or so images onto the canvas for any one collage, and arrange them however they wish to create the collage. If it helps to understand why we are doing this in the first place, its part of a wider community engagement project on medicine and society, and this part is focused on "post-human bodies." The images would be pictures of different human, robot, animal, etc body parts (both drawings and photographs created by young local amateur artists and art students), and the users could then arrange them to create a whole "post-human body." I know this is probably too general of a "we have no clue" kind of question, and I hope you don't feel that I'm trying to waste your time, but you have no idea how much I would appreciate it if anyone would provide any advice, or direct me to more information about how (or even whether) it would be possible for us to construct a website like this -- taking into account that we don't know anything about how to build websites beyond things like basic pre-designed Wix templates. I've really tried to find out about this online, but I don't even know where to begin searching for info... If your advice is: "you won't be able to do this, just forget it," that will also be appreciated, and we will just have to accept the reality of it. Thanks in advance!
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