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  1. Santolaya


    The forum IS open to all, don't misunderstand. What LSW meant to point out is that you jumped into someone else's post rather than starting a new one.


    No big harm done and welcome to the forum.


    By all means check out the killersites tutorials in the link above. They take you by the nose and leads you around the mysteries of HTML and CSS.


    Good luck!



  2. Listen to these replies!


    These are serious and experienced people. Their answers are your path to understanding the rigmaroles of HTML and CSS, which is the only way to go in web development.


    I was a total NOOB a few years ago. Now I am an educated NOOB, and I am empowered by having been a member in here.


    ANY serious questions in this forum are treated seriously, and you will receive a serious answer.


    Good luck!



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