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  1. I figured out the issue. In that link the error message provided, it said: "you can't have a file named tkinter.py" which is what I had called my file. So I deleted it but it still didn't work. I reinstalled python twice and and then I couldn't even open the IDLE anymore and I kept getting the same error. Then I kept re-reading the web page in that link and it said "you should RENAME the file if they are the same". Well I had already deleted it, so whatever.... yet I still couldn't even open the Python IDLE. But on a whim I decided to restore it from the recycle bin and ,
  2. when I hit run, the gui doesn't come up. Same as when I open Stefan's original code file. I get a subprocess connections error "IDLE's subprocess didn't make connection. see the 'Startup failure' section of the IDLE doc, online at https://docs.python.org/3/library/idle.html#startup-failure"
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