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  1. Nice to come across another Web Phoenix from the nineties trying to raise from his or her ashes. Ah the nostalgia of table designs and even spacer gifs... As for more powerful HTML editors than plain text editors, I really liked HomeSite (with tag completion and powerful linting) and Symantec Visual Page (WYSIWYG with fairly clean code and awesome table creation)... And not to forget framesets (abolished over SEO issues, apparently)... And the Internet was still an information highway letting anyone publish free speech, as opposed to a commercial market... Ah, the golden age... Anyway...
  2. Hello present-day gurus and fellow starters. This is my first post on killersites.com. I am trying this place because Stefan Mischook is my favorite youtuber on webdev/webdesign issues (and he also in other ways feels like a kind of soulmate). I know this forum's site went through a pause and might not be back up in terms of activity that could help me, but I'm giving it a try. I am an ancient web developer from the nineties, now trying to resurrect that career and an income. After familiarizing myself with modern HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design (and getting a little back into J
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