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  1. favtm, download Firefox and the firebug extension to be able to analyse the sites you are working on.
  2. You should remove this line from the staart of the file: It puts IE into quirks mode and might affect the page rendering. W3C allows it to be removed. And your page is not XML anyways.
  3. Did you try the "./" solution? You might be surprised that it works.
  4. Notice the "./" in front of the file reference? That means to start looking in this folder (the location of the html file). "../" means to go "back" one folder to start looking. This is referred to as "relative addressing" . Google it.
  5. Just wanted to add that using the single quote method actually parses the form "somewhat" quicker. Not a big deal for a small script like this, but it makes a difference an a larger script. Might as well develop some good programming skills now as a matter of habit. Then you be a better scripter in the long run.
  6. Well, I would suggest that you start with HTML, followed by CSS. Once you have a handle on the easy stuff, move into PHP/MYSQL and Javascript. AJAX combines all of the above and should be attempted only after you have at least some decent exposure to html/css/php/mysql/js. Oh! and maybe some XML to wrap it all together.
  7. The main body of the page is centred using margins and it looks to me as if the rest of the page is positioned using position: absolute. The positioning of the page will look good only at the same resolution as you build it for. And that explains why the pieces are moving differently relative to one another. There are a ton of layouts similar to yours that avoid the problems you are experiencing. The correct method for your page layout should be with Margins, Padding and Floats to place things on the page correctly. Google for Free templates that are html/css validated. If I had some time, I would assist, but I am short of time right now. Sorry.
  8. Simply set up the site on your own hosting account in a folder/directory/sub-domain. Then send them a link. If you are concerned about them 'borrowing' the pages, simply send them screen prints, but the links won't be active.
  9. go to the view.php page and then do a view source to see the html code produced by the php file. CSS can be embedded in the head of the page or in an external file sheet and linked just like an html page.
  10. The "Content-Type" in Thelma's is Capitalised. Try it to see if that changes anything.
  11. which Operating System? have you changed any settings or permissions lately? Try XAMPP?
  12. for the DB stuff, try phpmyadmin or the mysql admin module (I forget its name)
  13. I fail to see the top navigation as well. ff3/linux
  14. Aside from the lack of Security, I would do the mail() before the header() at the bottom of the code snippet in the first posting. Otherwise, the email would never be sent since the header would re-direct. It is really, really, really important that you "screen" the user input before you handle it. This form is wide open for email server high-jacking and a Spammer's Delight if they find it. There are tons of resources out there for how to manage the POST data for emailing. Google it. /* ************************************************************************ * * function used to clean Mail :: from Larry Ullman at dmcinsights.com * * as found here: [url]http://www.dmcinsights.com/phorum/read.php?6,28810[/url] * * called by the following line on the mail page prior to using the mail() * * $_SAFE_POST = array_map('clear_user_input', $_POST); * * cleans each element of the $_POST array before using them in the mail() using array_map * *************************************************************************** */ function clear_user_input($value) { // Check for bad values: if (stristr($value, 'content-type')) return ''; if (stristr($value, 'bcc:')) return ''; if (stristr($value, 'to:')) return ''; if (stristr($value, 'cc:')) return ''; if (stristr($value, 'href')) return ''; // Strip quotes, if Magic Quotes are on: if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) $value = stripslashes($value); // Replace any newline characters with spaces: $value = str_replace(array( "\r", "\n", "%0a", "%0d"), ' ', $value); // Return the value: return trim($value); } ?> here is a function to start your user-input screening.
  15. visibility : collapse only applies to table elements. use visibility : hidden http://www.w3schools.com/CSS/pr_class_visibility.asp
  16. I would not worry about ie5 or ie6 unless there is a very good reason to.
  17. http://jlhaslip.com/samples/gallery/thumbs/index.html
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