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  1. It's chapter 2 lesson 2 of PHP and MYSQL where we are learning to enter a data table. Towards the end there is something about turning the password on or off and I thought I turned it off but I am not sure what happened, but I got locked out of the phpMyAdmin. I deleted mamp and am going to reinstall it later today. Not sure if there was an easier way of doing that? I tried searching the internet and most fixes were for wamp files so I couldn't figure out in the mamp configuration files. Hopefully just downloading it again will fix it?
  2. Please help, the video I was watching is from the studioweb courses and obviously its a little outdated(sorry). So when the password section came up it was set to 'on' and I thought I turned it 'off'. The video demonstration is saying to leave the password to 'off', but on my computer local server it was actually set 'on' so I turned it 'off' and now I am locked out of the phpMyAdmin. I have been looking for tons of code and help online and I am striking out.. Please help!