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  1. Thank you..i guess i'm gonna shoot them an email like this: Hi IT Department, I would like a machine to serve up our newest portal that will run on Wordpress. We need it to be served by an Apache server, with MySQL and phpMyAdmin installed to manage the MySQL database. We also need PHP installed be cause we're serving up pages built with PHP Regards, Jaysone Do you think i need to elaborate more or provide any additional helpful info? Please do advise me on what i can add on... Thank you everyone!
  2. I've convinced my company to run and manage their internal portal on wordpress. They've decided and commissioned me with the task of creating the theme. I have a question with regards to deploying the portal. They have told me install (Apache, MySQL and PHP) it on a PC and to ensure that all the pc's in the company can access the portal. The thing is i've always developed a wordpress website on my laptop (wampserver) and then uploaded it to a server e.g Media Temple. There is a dedicated IT department in the company. I would like your guidance on what exactly do i have to a
  3. I have a question, i always get this wrong but thankfully i've backed up my database and i manage to get things fixed locally. I've developed a site locally, and i'm going to explain what i've done in the process of taking the site live. Please correct my mistakes. Wordpress Version 2.7 1) I downloaded this version and extracted the file (it is on my desktop) 2) Using my webhost's panels, i create a database with the same name as the database that's on my local machine 3) The open the wp-config-sample.php file and rename it to wp_config.php and i make changes to a) de
  4. Wordpress 2.7 allows you to use the wp_page_menu template tag that allows you to insert a Home link as your homepage and that page will display all your latest posts. This is a new template tag that only works with wordpress version 2.7. You may have to set it like this: <?php wp_page_menu('show_home=1'); ?> to display the homepage. Using <?php wp_page_menu(); ?> alone won't display a Home link. This template tag beats having to use wp_list_pages() and using plugins with it. For more info on wp_page_menu() visit the link below http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tag
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