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  1. Wordpress certainly has changed the game. I've built several of my own sites with Wordpress over the years (from 2010 onwards) but without knowing any code, just using their (free and paid) themes right out the box. BUT....I still found it necessary to learn very basic HTML tags and a little CSS over the years in order to do basic customization on a site, or even do simple things (for example make a sales page look nicer with content boxes/tables/etc). My point? Wordpress themes are great but still have some limitations for those who can't code. Hence, the need for coders, ie us, to step in and help. Plus, I'm pretty scrappy. Many people are not. They run a business/freelance/whatever and have no interest/desire to try to venture into building their own site, even if it's with Wordpress or a site builder, for that matter. And of course, over time, I've had a few major tech issues crop up that I had to hire a developer to go into the file manager and deal with (wasn't brave enough to venture there). Now, once I've completed Stefan's courses and practiced, I will be brave enough. There's always use for foundational coding knowledge even with (especially with) Wordpress.
  2. Hi, all. Does anyone know if the Business Battle Plan Course is still available? The links don't work to find out more. Thank you. alicia
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