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  1. Juliatom543

    Selling T-Shirts Online (Non-profit; fundraising)

    Well, If you take an idea then should explore Reecoupons site. I always shopped from there. The website is very user-friendly and easy to use for all ages of people.
  2. Juliatom543

    Happy New Year Nerds!

    Happy new year to you too
  3. Juliatom543

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi To all of you guys. I a new here and I found it very interesting forum.
  4. Juliatom543

    Page Cannot be Displayed

    try putting ahref there.
  5. Juliatom543

    Missing HTML Code for Lessons 6.5 and 6.6

    yes, I agree the lesson has no html code.
  6. Juliatom543

    Freelancing panic - help on finding work

    I totally agree with toni. you should start course or you can apply for internship.