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  1. Thank you virtual and falkencreative. That information is extremely interesting and has solved my problem. I've now added the appropriate code to my htaccess file. Thanks again!
  2. Hi All I hope this is an acceptable subject but I've just noticed an amazing thing. When I do a Google search for site:www.mysite.com I get a list of 40 pages indexed, but when I search site:mysite.com i get a list over 200 pages indexed - 5 times the number. To my knowledge I have never, ever, linked internally to pages without using the "www." prefix. I have never even thought about leaving out the "www." How come Google indexes my pages without the prefix and is reluctant to index them with the prefix? Any ideas will be very gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  3. Yes, I jumped the gun with my celebrations earlier, I was so delighted to have recovered my images in IE that I neglected to check how everything looked in FF - and of course, as you rightly point out Thelma - half the page had lurched to the right. When I put in the doc type declaration, everything magically resolved itself, without me having to change anything else. My pics now show up in IE and all looks OK in FF. I am just amazed that the declaration is so important. I had no idea. Another lesson learned. Thank you so much, Thelma. I'm very appreciative of your help. Must go now, I've got 85 errors to check out! Cheers, Chris/gunsock
  4. Thanks JBall, the 2 closing p tags were left over from my frenzied efforts to use p {float:left and I forgot to delete them. 85 errors? Wow, I've got some work to do, starting now. Many thanks for your helpful comments. Chris/gunsock
  5. Hi All I suspect this is an old chestnut. I'm changing all the pages on my site to the 3 col CSS 'holy grail'as in Matthew James Taylor's page at: http://matthewjamestaylor.com/blog/ultimate-3-column-holy-grail-pixels.htm Its fine in FF but in IE my image disappears. This page is typical: http://hollywoodsgoldenage.com/movies/42street.html I've spent hours searching and googling and I gather its the float:left property which causes the problem. But so far I've not been able to find an answer. Is there a simple solution to this? Many thanks. Chris/gunsock
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