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  1. Ok so I have been doing the iwd for 3 month now, I am on CSS. On this particular video, stefan says i should start coding this late in the game. I have been following the videos and doing the activity done it on my own, ex: making my own website while watching the video. So now......... I feel overwhelmed because i didn't start my own website from the jump. Its like i know what to do, but i don't know what to do. should i go over the videos again? I know its my fault. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. got that, thank you. another issue.... in horizontal rules when selecting multiple files to open, when i right click it doesn't give me the option to open in sublime text. what so i do from there? i already have website tabs set up tho.
  3. I am doing the interactive web design course for html. I downloaded the sublime text 3. for some reason the autocompletion is not working. I even went to manually change and also installed a all autocomplete plugin but still nothing. do i just stick with sublime text 2? or will it give me the same issue?
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