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  1. Been learning about php Frameworks, so i decided to learn from one that creates a MVC framework from scratch. I was looking at Dynamic Html.. something like a form object helper. They generate the html on the server-side. How does this reusable code come into play with MVC "View"'s. I might be wording the above badly, but am a bit lost
  2. Thoughts on introducing a Framework to an existing project that did not use any framework. Lets say I have a very big PHP / MySQL project. Client/Server application like some is OOP same is not, This application is a CRM system mostly for me to learn things, like oop, javascript, php7, jquery, sql, html5, css3. been using it for years and years So how would I go about introducing a framework? I wanna play with Laravel:) hehe My system is windows xampp... so it is all local. might create another copy of it using Laravel homestead virtual machine..again, just to learn it:D
  3. Any one know of a good site explaining how to apply the theme roller to a the complete page? Using the theme roller in Jquery ui we can apply different themes to the jquery / plugins we are using. So the if I have jquery tabs or a jquery datepicker, different themes would change the color/look of that item. but lets say I wanna propagate these themes to the whole page. Am a bit confused on how to start. Thanks
  4. Thanks, I'll read up on "longdesc" SEO?keyword search? lol Those were not even on my mind when I was talking about the tittle tag:)
  5. The HTML title tag. In forms, should all the form objects have a Title Tag? Most leave it blank. Specially in obvious objects. --Gender (Radio buttons) --Name (input field) ***I tend to REPEAT LABEL I see some people use the title tag to further clear what the field in question is about. --Dropdown with a funky name/items ***I agree with this I see some people use the title tag to equal Error if a validation fails. --Gender (Radio buttons) "Gender is a Required", or "Select Gender" --Name (input field) "Name is a Required", or "Enter Name " ***don't agree if grouped items (radio, checkboxes buttons) --I tend to use fieldset to group them, and put the title tag on that instead Is there a rule to follow? or is all of the above correct? Tittle tags for Anchor? --I tend to repeat Anchor in title, or explain the page/function it is linking to Tittle tags for Images? --I tend to display the image name or image file name
  6. Just wanted to pass this on to other Newbies. I just discovered these... Couple great tools for helping you learn JavaScript, CSS and HTML. These Tools let you write code online and see the result online. Great for Testing. CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jquery and so on. http://jsfiddle.net and http://jsbin.com/ and http://cssdesk.com/ - HTML/CSS only Great for testing snippet of code without actually going through the trouble of creating a full page. These basically do the same, play with both, then stick to one:) There are others tools like these online, but these are the only ones I have used. Have fun....
  7. ok, I figured it out. Am not fully happy with it, but it is working http://jsfiddle.net/rudyten/4RnJE/
  8. I am trying to get Radio buttons and checkbox buttons to validate. Error message should appear under the last it's groups of radio/checkbox The radio buttons requires a selection The check buttons Required one selected minimum --- On the Media, since all have a unique ID I treated it as a group, but am lost on addMethod to validate group. --- Also on errorPlacement what do I do if I don't have an Element ID? My example http://jsbin.com/aqekah/9
  9. I have been thinking along the same lines. Am going with the option now of providing both routes for now. I guess...what's the rush for me huh? lol... Not like I am getting paid for this I been dabbling more and more with JavaScript, specially jquery ui (dialogs) I wanted to put certain Edit pages in the Dialog. At first I tried Iframes.. I hated Iframes, so now am going with no iframes. Another thing is JavaScript Validation of Forms... Am going nuts here. hehehe Every time I hit a wall it equals 8 hours of reading tutorials/researching On another note, I see there are a alot of less people coming to these forums of late.
  10. When is it ok not to Provide an Alternative? I come from application development in Banking systems, not from WEB/internet. FYI... so, i might be completely out of line here I can see the front end of a internet site, maybe even the front end of an internet application being accessible to all. But what about the back end, Control panels, User management, Admin reports... The application part of a website Up to this point, I been doing it all JavaScript free, it is very boring, not much fancifulness other then CSS. Now to code for both JavaScript and no JavaScript seems to be allot of extra work. I am still torn between both, and not decided which way to go. But I am bored to hell with PHP, CSS and pure HTML. I been spending allot of time looking at Google and Facebook and other sites to see how much much of it works with no JavaScript . Another things.... On the back end of an online application, where the user must login... If no JavaScript is detected after login, is it ok to ask the user if they can turn on JavaScript or whether continue running with no JavaScript? The reason I ask, is that by asking them, I can log a flag to a session, so parts of my app know what to serve. maybe even save it to user preferences Your thoughts would be appreciated:) Thanks RT
  11. Real newbie questions, I have never used Iframes.. so here it goes Does the content of an iframe must always be a full page? meaning. <html><head><body>... Would loading a Form in a DIV and that in a Iframe be something that is done? ----------------------------- Definition and Usage The <iframe> tag defines an inline frame that contains another document. now... by document, does is mean??? a valid page? Where am I going with this? I am playing with jquery ui dialogs and the pages in questions are forms. At the moment the pages are SLOW, as in Mississippi 1001, Mississippi 1002, Mississippi 1003, Mississippi 1004....
  12. I think Etsy is using a form button, instead of a anchor with a link as I do. Artfire is using "javascript:void(0)" on the link url, but now am not sure how it knows what to update on click. I guess they can use some kinda onclick event binded to a class name. I can see that working for a single item on page, but am not sure if how it would work with multiple items on the same page
  13. I have a icon/button that when clicked it updates my record status on the DB via an ajax trip to the server, if success I change the icon image to green/red. Anyways... When you put the mouse over, u can see the updated link url in the status bar, also, it allows me to right click on it which open the url that does the update. On Etsy the FAVORITE icon next to item for sale does the same thing, it toggles fav/unfav an item. BUT you can not right click on the toggle. Nor can you see the update URL on the status bar How is that done? Thanks
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