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  1. Hey guys, I followed the instructions in the PHP course for advanced php>login system. However, I'm getting errors. I even downloaded the source files and copy and pasted them into my text editor and I'm still getting the following errors. Notice: Undefined index: isBlock in /Users/brian.smith/valet/blog5/elProjecto/index.php on line 71Notice: Undefined index: badUserCredentials in /Users/brian.smith/valet/blog5/elProjecto/index.php on line 72 One difference is my file names, for example, I named my login.php file index.php. I changed them accordingly in the files. Another is I didn't use WAMMP/MAMMP? I have Laravel and Valet installed so I created a field called elProjecto and ran the command "valet link" in the command line. The functionality works fine, but the errors are displayed on the front page. Any advice? Thanks!
  2. NP! Sorry about that, will do. Thanks!
  3. Hey Brandon, I started my first template roughly 3 weeks? (If i remember correctly) after writing my first line of code Holy crap! It was so confusing. There was a vast amount of code that I didn't understand, I often ran into the same problem as you're having, which I assume is totally normal for a noob. I learned a decent amount from it but more mainly, it instilled me with confidence, I was like damn...a month in and I can make something this decent...where will I be in a year!? The problem isn't you don't know the template very well, it's that you don't know the basics that well (no one does this early on). I'd suggest finishing a template and then doing what Time Ferriss calls "no stakes learning". That would be a free site, or a project etc. If a company expects a site to be pixel perfect and you're giving it to them for free...well, moving on. You can always update the site in the future when your skills improve. There were times in the past where I stopped working on a template, just studied/practices raw HTML/CSS and came back to the template and just knew how to fix it. Curious, how are you doing? Would like to hear an update and how things went. BTW check out bootstrap studio and other WYSISYG's. And yes good templates are coded with SEO in mind, something you probably won't do well as a new developer.
  4. Hey guys, This is my first time posting, I'm new to the community and to web development itself. This seems like a great way to keep up to date on things and speak with other developers. If anyone would care to see my portfolio, I'd love some constructive feedback! I want to eventually go full stack but right I've got my hands full with the basics. I just started applying for jobs, any feedback on my Portfolio that would help land a front-end job would be great. [Link Removed by LSW] See you guys around Brian
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