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  1. 23 hours ago, administrator said:


    This can be done pretty quickly using PHP. This is what the nerds would call a simple 'crud' based web app. A web app is just a web site that acts like an application. 

    There are many, many different ways of doing this of course. Another easier solution is to just install a forum software ... there are free ones, or you can use the forum software we use here. Less flexibility, but a lot of features and you don't have to learn how to code. 

    .... But perhaps you want to make this a project that at the same time, you will learn super valuable ($) skills at the same time? If so, my very popular IWD course will teach you all you need: https://shop.killervideostore.com/

    .... It's even more popular given the sale price! So yes, before you ask if it really is that affordable, yes .... buy me a two craft beers and cheese burger and you are in business.

    Happy to help fellow martial artists. Which style are you training in? 


    Awesome, thank you! I will take a look at your series and check out my options:) I used to be a professional MMA fighter but currently am a black belt in BJJ and coach my high school wrestling team.

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  2. Hi Everyone,

    My daughter and I are working on a website that our teammates can use to track their training in martial arts. We are looking to build something where each person will make/have an individual login, and they can keep track of their weight, training goals, and the techniques taught that day. What type of a program, app, or tool will we need so that each login has its own "daily training journal" that we can add to regularly while still keeping previous data?


    Thanks in advance for all of your help, we are trying to figure out what we need before we get to far in building a site just to realize we have to start all over.

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