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    How does these functions work?

    Similar to the following line in connected css files: @import "services.css"; @import "blog-section.css";
  2. Joseppi83

    PHP Login System

    Breaking it up into smaller chunks as variables like that fixed it. Merci.
  3. Joseppi83

    PHP Login System

    So, I have followed the instructions to a 'T,' yet I get a notice after I update the password. I thought I might be missing something from the videos, so I cut what I typed out and copied and pasted the source code files for the video section in it, but the exact same notice rendered in the browser. Any idea what's up with the notice? Does it have to do with deprecated code from previous versions, since Ben's browser was not rendering the same notice? else { // insert into database if ($stmt = $mysqli->prepare("UPDATE members SET password = ? WHERE id = ?")) { $stmt->bind_param("ss", md5($input['pass'] . $config['salt']), $_SESSION['id']); $stmt->execute(); $stmt->close(); // add alert and clear form values $error['alert'] = 'Password updated successfully!'; $input['current_pass'] = ''; $input['pass'] = ''; $input['pass2'] = ''; // show form include('views/v_password.php'); } else { echo "ERROR: Could not prepare MySQLi statement."; } }