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  1. Hi thanks for the reply. To my knowledge it does not include hosting no. I keep reading, 'invest as little as possible in your new business until you know you are going to make money'. To be fair I have already generated 2 jobs (it's a service based offer) without a site, but know the siteneeds to be crucial element in securing new business. What made me jump is when he said this: "if there is a genuine issue with work I have done I will fix it. If the issue is with the theme design this is not my responsibility to fix within to proposed 2 days. As discussed I will make the header white with black text, but if there are other areas of the theme that you are not happy with this will not be my responsibility to re-design/re-build as part of the agreed 2 days, we can work on other areas but it will need to be charged separately to the 2 days. Please check and test the proposed them before choosing it as the theme to use, your site will look like the proposed theme. If you are not happy with this theme we need to choose another one. I just want to be clear about this one, because I have not costed to create a custom theme for you. Please play around with the proposed theme and make sure you are happy with it. I imagine it like buying an Ikea table... You buy the ikea table from, well, Ikea, then you also buy a nice table cloth and 'dress it up' a little. This is basically what is going on here? A lot of industries have been democrotised with technology now providing consumers with all the power they need, photography, film making, graphic design and yes web design. Like I said I am not a jack the plumber, I know a little, just the idea of someone dressing my table for £500 seems a little steep in this day and age, especially when I know it's a case of putting a table cloth over a pre existing table. OK so there are some finer coding elements that will need to be addressed, btu surly if he is using Shopify that is all taken care of? The big issue was installing PRICE BREAKS, my service based website encourages buyers to buy more with a drop in price when say you buy over 100 products, and so on, this is the bit that worried m, gettig it right, and adding options that would change the price, in drop down menues, like 'how many colours *more than 4 colours would be an extra 0.04p on each product etc). How does this sound so far?
  2. Hi.. Looking to get a website built soon, found a developer I am happy with, but he is using Shopify to build it on.. I know a little about how it all works, I am no clueless plumber or mechanic who needs a website building.. To my knowledge he is basically just getting a theme and placing it over an alreadyt built framework, drag n drop, the apparently hardest part is incorporating a price break structure, so the more you buy the more the price comes down, but he has even shown me the drag n drop tool that does this. For a fully functioning website that is ready to go he saif £500. A lot of moeny, maybe not for some websites but yes to me a lot. A part of me just wants to pay it and get it moving, but it seems like a lot of money for what may just be a days work, he has said 2 days but I am unsure with what he has proposed would take 2 days? I know that I need to prove I have a business model before spending so much on a site. And maybe I am better off hashing together a site and then when I know I have an income to then splash the cash. It is a business to business website, though possibly be used to sell on a retail level. Any ideas on this be great to hear. Thanks.
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