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  1. Hello members, I have completed the Python 3 course and I'm going through various Udemy courses to further my learning (more Python, data structures and algorithms, discreet algebra, etc). I've also purchased the full stack course and hope to start once I have a better grasp of Python. My initial objective was to learn one language and core concepts at a relatively high level of proficiency (so will be continuing with Python for many years), while remaining open to any other technology that will advance my objectives. I also want to build a portfolio to eventually transition careers (I currently work in Architecture, but have long known I wanted a different life). My father and uncle, both retired, run a non-profit sailing club for people with disabilities at a local yacht club. Most of the race results are logged manually in *gasp* word or excel. They host local and national races. I would like to develop a simple website where users can create a profile, view race results, see upcoming events, and administrators can log race results and retrieve information as required. I'm working out a diagram schematic of the site (UX), but any advice would be appreciated. Any recommended approaches for the back end? I'm thinking this would be a database and a simple dashboard for the administrator. The front end will be standard HTML, CSS, Javascript. My biggest question at the moment is PHP or Python - or other. Regards, Julien
  2. Hello, I've been going through the videos 40 to 44 and writing all the code for the Treasure Hunt Game. I keep getting an error message: TypeError: int() argument must be a string, a bytes-like object or a number, not 'function' random_cave = random.randint(1,2) if random_cave == int(chose_cave): print("---->you found treasure!") else: print("---->you were eaten by a monster") Any ideas? Is this just a version problem? Using 3.6.5 Regards, Julien
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