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  1. Hello Everyone! I have a question for you guys… I am planning to hire someone to build me a 3 page, HTML, mobile-responsive website, hosted on a VPS. The site will consist of a “Squeeze Page with an email Opt-in Form,” a “Thank You Page” …and a “Download Page.” (People that Opt-In will be sent an email with a link to the download page where they will be able to download a PDF. (my lead magnet.) My question is, How Can I Hide The Download URL? (to prevent people from finding it easily.) Thank you in advance! WebSurfer.
  2. Hello everyone! I just stumbled upon Stef's videos, blog & forum today. It looks like a great place to hang out & learn a few things! I hope I can make a few valuable contributions, given time. Anyways... take care y'all.
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