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  1. Thanks for replying Stef.  At the risk of succumbing to what Charlie Munger described as 'Deprival Superreaction Tendency' (basically, refusing to cut your losses and move on),  I am going to continue and complete the course, since I'm almost done and have spent so much time with it already.  It seems like at least some of it is still relevant so far and I should be able to learn a thing or two about PayPal's API yet.  I'll check out the other courses you suggest.  Thanks again.   

  2. Hi, just curious -- is the current incarnation of the Paypal Shopping Cart tutorial up to date and relevant to PayPal's current API setup?  My impression is that the tutorial wasn't made recently (esp seeing as this thread is from 2014...) and just want to double check before I continue investing what has been a lot of time into it, that I will be learning an effective and up to date method of using the PayPal API.  Thank you!

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