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  1. This is just a remark, step 18 and 19 has the same code. The former - I guess - should be: $this->name = $employee_name;
  2. I continue echo "Tell me private stuff: ".$stefan->pinn_number; Hey you said direct accessing is a no-go! But I understand it's for the sake of visualization of access errors - which brings the next question: even though $pinn_number is a private property I can display it with a public get method on index.php which, according to my understanding, is outside the class. I thought for this I should do sg like copying the private property value to a public property (e.g. "$pub_pinn") but looks like I can do without. What am I missing here?
  3. Hi Thanks for the great tutorial! In medias res - just the way I like it. I thought I'd post questions as they come up, for a starter here's this: "Another convention is that getter and setter names should match the property names" Is this really just a convention or the class would not work at all otherwise? In other words do I need "var $name;" in order to set (and get) the value of "$this->name"?
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