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  1. Stefan, first I'd like to say as other have thanks for the effort and content you have on killerphp.com. I try to find something new to learn over my office winter shutdown and this year I set out to learn PHP and was lucky to stumble upon you site. Anyhow, my question is in regards to setting up my localhost (machine) for submitting forms. I've installed WAMP and the site is functioning as expected with the exception I'm getting the message below when I try to submit a sample form( replicated the one in forms video). I realize of I don't have a mail server. but I don't understand the what the need for one is for processing a form. I've search the net and found all sorts of unclear answers. - Thanks Pete Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\wamp\www\forms\forms.php
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