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  1. rafal

    Hallo to everyone

    Hi Stef I bought python course but I have problem to download files . Can you help me ? zakup python.pdf I am sorry for confusion. I managed to download file on my own. I started with 0 archive. I am going to download archive 1 soon.
  2. rafal

    Hallo to everyone

    thanks for reply
  3. rafal

    Hallo to everyone

    thanks Stef for reply. I am complete beginner. I have zero knowledge in relation to programming etc. Do you think it is better for beginner to start with your python course or to start with your web design course ?
  4. Hi guys I am the new one here. I would like to say ' hallo' to everybody. I have also question in relation to Stefan's courses. When you buy them do you download them so that you can use those materials when you are not connected to internet ?