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  1. Ya thanks for the help I will be sure to take it i need to learn and it will be probably easier then going on forums and having no idea what to do. 14 so i want to learn as much as i can when i am young i would rather learn then paying a ton of money at a school for a piece of paper but i have no idea. Thanks nices videos i am just trying to learn one thing because i jump to different languages to much and can't get good at one. I need this i only figure out how to do the task then forget most of it because i am hoping like you said in a video about kufu or marshal arts lol not sure but thank you.
  2. I payed for the Learn web development fast course at https://shop.killervideostore.com/ and i payed for it on my phone with paypal it asked me to enter my email but then just got a error saying that it didn't get my email or something i have a odroid xu4 so i went to the same link and it was the same so is this legit i believe it is paypal will give me a refund if it isn't so it is fine. but i would like some help thanks. i payed with my email kolbymoroz@hotmail.ca and tryed to enter mrmetech@gmail.com